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Learn the piano from anywhere in the world via Skype – right from the comfort of your own living room

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The London Piano Institute is proud to offer online piano lessons via Skype worldwide over the world wide web.

If you are interested in learning how to play the piano with a master piano instructor, but you currently live in a remote place and do not have access to a great instructor, then this is your opportunity.

Celine Gaurier-Joubert studied with some of the world’s greatest masters of the piano and has developed an uncanny knowledge of the instrument as well as on teaching.

She is a specialist in adult piano education and mentoring.

If you are looking for excellent quality online piano lessons, simply contact us today and we will do our best to schedule you in for your first lesson.

Kammy’s Skype piano lesson testimony:


I started taking piano lessons from Celine in November 2011, and I truly
enjoyed them very much. I had to move back to Taiwan in July 2013, and
I could no longer take face to face lessons from Celine. It was a real shame,
but I had no intention to change to a local teacher in Taiwan.

Celine and I decided that we should try out the new technology and have
the lessons on Skype. All you need is a laptop, a webcam with a stand, and
a piano. And it really takes 5 minutes to set up before the lessons once
everything is in place.

The skype lessons have been very enjoyable from the start as they do not feel
different from the face to face lessons and have a few additional advantages
on their own. First of all, I get the opportunity to practice and warm up just
before turning on Skype, so everything will sound better right at the start of
the lessons. Don’t we always feel that the pieces sound much better when we
play them at home?

To view the full testimony regarding Kammy’s experience please: view Kammy’s testimony.


Get started with your Skype piano lessons today!

Never before has life been so convenient!

You can now simply learn the piano with a master instructor right from the comfort of your own living room on your own piano!

Benefit from London’s premier piano education for adults from literally anywhere across the globe including New York, Chicago, Toronto, Paris, Frankfurt, Zürich, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, Johannesburg, Sydney and a whole host more including the most remote places on earth…

Now there is no excuse for sloppy piano technique, as you can benefit from exceptional piano lessons from literally anywhere in the world!

All you need is a computer with fast Internet,  a headset and access to a piano

Yes, it is really that simple!

You really do not need much. And what is more, you do not even need to travel or commute to your piano lessons.

Nothing could be simpler. Now you can enjoy top-notch piano lessons at a convenient time for you with exceptional piano instructors from anywhere in the world.

Fast Internet is obviously recommended. Most standard Internet connections found in the UK and abroad will do.

You will be delighted to know just how easy it all is!

The following options are available for online “Skype-based” piano learning:

  • 240 Minutes per week
  • 120 Minutes per week –  * Most Recommended Option
  • 90 Minutes per week
  • 60 Minutes per week
  • 45 Minutes per week
  • 30 Minutes per week
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