Celine Gaurier-Joubert teaching classical piano in London

If you want to rekindle your love for music and your desire to play the piano, now is the time to take piano lessons with Celine at the London Piano Institute.

Celine Gaurier-Joubert is a rare combination of concert pianist and expert teacher who loves working with people who share her passion for the piano.

Here are seven reasons why you should consider working with her

Reason #1 – Work with a master pianist

Celine is a master pianist and knows what can be learned – and taught. Growing up in Paris and associating with piano concert devotees, Celine readily absorbed the piano techniques of the masters including the school of Franz Liszt among others.

A concert organizer and performer, Celine has a broad knowledge of music and stage experience with concerts like Debussy and Ravel. She has the knowledge and skills that few others have to impart the music you love.

With such a varied background, Celine and her team can teach you how to play the type of music you like, from classical to jazz, pop, rock and blues.

Reason #2 – Learn from a master teacher:

Celine is the right teacher for you. 90% of piano students give up on it within the first four months of practice. It can be very difficult if not taught the right way. Celine knows you have to start with the basics that include goal-setting, motivation, and deciding exactly what you want to achieve. She teaches you the right way to start.

Celine welcomes adult amateurs. She feels it is better to teach someone from the beginning, rather than have to “unlearn” bad habits. So if you have only a slight interest and no experience or memory of previous experience with the piano, Celine will greet you with open arms.

She will start from the beginning and work at your own personal pace, show you individual attention and use the techniques that will help you learn the in the best way for you. She will monitor your progress and give you valuable feedback along the way to build your confidence and improve your skills.

Reason #3 – Learn through a proven process:

Celine has many satisfied clients who praise her work. She has worked with people in all walks of life, business CEOs, educators, entrepreneurs, professionals in service industries, and more. They have all expressed admiration for Celine and her teaching methods.

Professor Frances Balkwill, Barts Cancer Institute, London, says “Celine is an inspirational and insightful teacher who makes learning the piano a pleasure.”

Peter, Fund Manager, says “Celine always makes learning the piano an enjoyable experience!”.

Katie Evans says “The London Piano Institute has enabled me to grow as a person and experience the true art form of music.”

These are only a few of the hundreds of aspiring musicians who have enjoyed Celine’s tutelage at the London Piano Institute. Perhaps you will want to add your acknowledgement after your own success story unfolds.

Reason #4 – Be the centre of attention:

The London Piano Institute is the right place to learn for adult amateurs because it is dedicated to them. While many piano schools require at least three years of piano before applying, the London Piano Institute welcomes newcomers. Your level of experience does not matter – only your interest in playing the piano better.

Here at the Institute, you will find the direction and support for ongoing encouragement and the motivation to get better.

The Institute caters to adults only to provide an environment conducive to adult practice and conversation. It is also solely devoted to the piano and piano devotees.

The Institute provides special musical nights for members and produces concerts for added enjoyment and musical enrichment – further proof that it is dedicated solely to adult students.

Reason #5 – Get the chance to perform your own concert:

You can play in your own concert as part of the membership you receive in working with Celine. You play in front of peers in a non-judgmental performance to get the thrill of stage presence.

There are few other schools of music and a few other teachers that provide the level of theatrics you will receive from Celine and the London Piano Institute.

Reason #6 – Becoming a better “you:”

By joining the London Piano Institute and signing up with Celine, you will go through an amazing learning process that will not only make you a better piano player but a smarter person, too!

Research has shown that playing the piano can increase your IQ by seven points. Not only that, but learning music also develops your aural perception and increases your overall intellectual awareness.

So you can do more for yourself than just learn the piano. You can develop your mental agility and boost your confidence at the same time.
You will play the piano better than ever and enjoy it more. You will increase your personal awareness of your environment.

You will have the renewed confidence to play for friends and social peers. You will bring enjoyment to others. You may inspire them to learn music as a side benefit.

Above all, you will become a better “you” and you will be able to enjoy the new level of skill you have, the new appreciation for the piano and the music you love

There is so much to be gained by joining the London Piano Institute. There is so much more to be gained by working with Celine Gaurier-Joubert. If you have thought about the piano recently and wondered if you could rekindle that interest in playing – at whatever skill level you covet – now is the time to act on that instinct.  You’ll be welcome here.

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