If you are a beginner wanting to learn how to play the piano, then you have come to the right place.

At The London Piano Institute, we specialise solely in adult piano education and we know the EXACT steps to take to help you learn the piano as a beginner.

The early stages of piano development are absolutely crucial and require exceptionally input from professional piano instructors who will take GREAT care towards your piano development.

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We know what you are going through when you learn the piano as an adult beginner.

That is why we have carefully constructed our courses to help you learn in the best way possible. Throughout years of study and introspection, we have discovered that the fastest way to learn is through constant repetition of the foundational aspects of piano playing.

At the London Piano Institute, you can be assured of learning the correct techniques from day one.

We do not skimp on note reading or pianoforte technique – but we make absolutely sure that your playing gets shaped in the best way possible from day one.

It is vital that you learn the right techniques from the beginning otherwise you will have to re-learn how to play the piano.

It is a painful experience to go through the effort of breaking down a building and laying the foundation again.

It is absolutely essential that you lay the right foundation from the beginning.

You will save money, time and a lot of heartaches.

As a beginner, your primary goal should be to learn properly.

And that is why we are so passionate at The London Piano Institute. We want to ensure that you learn in the right way from the word go!

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