Platinum Piano Gift Voucher

Elegant gentleman playing the piano

Platinum piano gift voucher – 20 X 60 minute piano lessons

The platinum piano gift voucher is the ULTIMATE PIANO GIFT for a friend or a loved one who is passionate about piano playing. Whether he or she has never played before, or whether he or she is already a keen pianist, would you not like to be the person who lights the flame of piano passion into their life?

The voucher is valid for seven months from date of purchase.

The gift recipient will be entitled to 20 piano lessons of one hour in duration.

Please note, once purchased the voucher is non transferable. Refunds will only be allowed within seven days of purchase.

The way it works

Our piano lessons are taking place in our wonderful premises in Mayfair, Marylebone or the City of London, with outstanding piano instructors who specialise in teaching adults.

Purchasing one piano lesson as a gift, is a wonderful opportunity to get somebody started. The quality of our piano lessons is so high, that we can assure you that this experience will definitely be memorable.

There is no need of pre-booking an appointment, as it is up to the bearer to contact us within 7 months to redeem the voucher, at a convenient time for both, the instructor and the bearer. (The voucher must be redeemed within 15 months of purchase for the gold and platinum vouchers.)

We welcome all levels, from absolute beginners without any musical background, to advanced amateur pianists.