Being an intermediate pianist means that you have now mastered the basics of piano playing. However, you still have to develop your skills tremendously to become a highly skilled and proficient pianist.

You have attained a certain level of piano playing. However, some pieces of the repertoire are still inaccessible to you due to some technical issues, and flaws in your sound production and interpretation.

It could be arduous to achieve absolute mastery of the piano on your own. (In fact, it is highly improbable!)

The guidance, encouragement and recommendations of an experienced professional pianist are strongly needed to make your dreams become a reality.
At The London Piano Institute, our fantastic instructors have got the necessary skills and experience to evaluate your current abilities and determine which parts of your playing needs improvement, and which others are satisfactory.

Depending upon your background, you might have to focus on improving your technique, or your sound production.
For others, weaknesses would be found in their understanding of theory.

Every intermediate pianist is different and requires a specific instruction based on the knowledge acquired to date.
Learning how to organise your practice sessions more efficiently is also terribly helpful, as pieces usually increase in duration as their difficulties increase.

Proper planning and preparation will undoubtedly save you a significant amount of time and offer you to the possibility of practising more advanced pieces even if the time that you can dedicate to your daily piano progress is limited. You will then obtain outstanding results and enjoy your new piano skills within a limited and short period.

The journey of moving from an intermediate pianist to an advanced pianist is not an easy one. It requires dedication, persistence, zeal and zest along with excellent education.

That is where the London Piano Institute excels.

We know how to take you from where you are today to where you have always wanted to be!

Our piano lessons for intermediate classical pianists are structured in a way that makes learning easy. Your piano lessons will take place each week at the same time with an outstanding pianist. All of this requires tremendous education and musical input. At the London Piano Institute, we do not cut corners. We simply help you achieve your ultimate goal – that of becoming an excellent pianist.

So if you are an intermediate pianist looking to seriously improve your piano technique in a short period of time and move unto advanced repertoire, then the London Piano Institute is the place for you!

Book your intermediate classical piano course with us to make MASSIVE progress now:

If you are ready to start and want to make massive progress in your classical piano playing, then you are in exactly the right place.
Courses start from only £165 per calendar month, and we have two fabulous locations for you to select from. (Marylebone or the City of London)

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We will be delighted to help you reach your musical goals for your classical piano playing and help make your musical dreams come true!

Always remember that quality piano education is the best move forward for your piano journey and selecting the right place to learn is the way to succeed!

We look forward to helping you become the classical pianist that you have always wanted to become!

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