Piano Courses London

Are you interested in learning how to play the piano in London?

Do you want to learn how to play the piano using the correct techniques from day one?

Are you confused or even bewildered with all the choices out? Perhaps unsure about which way to go or which course to join?

At the London Piano Institute you just simply cannot go wrong. In fact we have a limit to the amount of new potential students that we can accept.

Our Central London studio is extremely busy due to the high quality of piano tuition provided. We take full responsibility for your piano playing, by helping to learn in the most efficient and effective methods possible.

Our head piano instructor Celine Gaurier-Joubert has more than 35,000 hours of piano playing experience. She has studied the piano with some of the greatest masters of the piano ever.

You will be very hard pressed to find the same can quality tuition anywhere in Europe. Especially if you are looking for adult piano education. You simply cannot find a better place to learn how to play the piano!



We offer the following piano courses in London:


We Offer: