Like anything in life worth having, success takes effort. And if you are a working professional in the world’s capital city, chances are you already recognise that in the world of work not all effort is equal.

Learning to the play the piano is no different. At the London Piano Institute our experienced master instructors will ensure that all your efforts reap maximum results.

Whether at our Marylebone studio, or alternatively at our location in the heart of the city at 21 Fleet Street, EC4Y 1AA, our excellent piano teachers apply their unmatched experience to deign a bespoke program to meet all your musical needs; whether you are new to the piano, improving, or polishing up an already comprehensive skill-set.

Where to Learn: Marylebone and the City of London – very near WC2!

No question – London is one of the greatest cities on earth. But, as with all great cities, it isn’t always a pleasure to navigate around it!

That is why the London Piano Institute offers our students piano lessons at two convenient locations.

Whether you choose to study at our Marylebone site or our City location at 21 Fleet Street EC4Y 1AA, both locations are within easy reach of the WC2 area.

Whichever option you choose, you will be assured of the full London Piano Institute experience.

When to Learn: Find a Schedule to Suit Your Needs

At the London Piano Institute, we recognise that every student’s needs are different. That is why offer a myriad of learning options. Piano lessons are available on an individual basis, or in a group by prior arrangement.

Our Marylebone and City locations are open from Monday through Saturday with lessons of 30, 60, or 90 minute duration available.

Just contact our manager Stefan Joubert via email at:

Or complete the contact form at the bottom of this page to arrange a time that will meet even the most punishing of work schedules.

Why Take Piano Lessons?

Human beings are hardwired to learn. This instinct is what has taken us from primitive hunting-gathering to the technological wizardry of our modern age. We can’t help it; we are at our happiest when we are learning.

But we are also creatures of habit. Routine helps us automate the many tasks that make incessant demands on our attention. Routine allows us to complete the regular necessary tasks that make up the bulk of our days. Unfortunately, over time, this can see us lose the joy of taking up those new challenges that would expand our realm of competence.

Dull repetition slowly erodes our natural child-like curiosity; it dims that light of inquisitiveness that burned in us as youths. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Piano lessons are a great way to put the joy of learning back into life. At the London Piano Institute, an easy cab ride from W2, restore the zest for learning. We offer group and individual lessons to suit every requirement.

What You Will Learn

The piano is arguably the most versatile of instruments. Even categorising it can be contentious. Is it percussion or stringed? Is it both or neither?

The truth is that the piano offers unrivalled opportunities for the exploration of rhythm, melody, and harmony. Played at its highest level it is unmatched in its ability to express the human soul musically.

At the London Piano Institute we cater to the student’s preferences of musical genre.

From classical to jazz, the blues to pop, our expert tuition at our Marylebone and City of London locations will help you open up a whole new world of sonic beauty for you to explore.

Push Yourself out of Your Comfort Zone – with top notch-piano lessons near WC2

It may be one of the mantras of the modern self-development industry, but it happens to be true – there is no growth in comfort.

Our previous clients come from a broad array of professions: architects, artists, bankers, and barristers, to name but a few. Successful people who have striven for excellence in their field and apply that same drive to everything they do. People who understand that success begets success and relish the joy of a new challenge.

The same principles and tenacity that assure attainment in professional life can be applied to learning to play the piano. With the right attitude, combined with expert guidance, success is assured.

At our institute a quick and easy commute from WC2, we regularly offer students opportunities to wet their feet in a public performance with our recital evenings. A chance to grow in confidence and meet like-minded students too!

Start Today! – Learn the piano near WC2 with an outstanding piano instructor

Take that single step today to open vistas onto a rich musical landscape. Contact our manager Stefan Joubert by email at or via the contact form below and we will take if from there.

All enquiries are answered within 1 working day. We look forward to welcoming you.

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