Piano Seminar 21st of November 2015 – The Secrets of Improvisation


Have you always wanted to discover the secrets of improvisation?

Then you have to attend this wonderful piano seminar on the secrets of improvisation.

Improvisation may seem like a mystery. It may seem like something that has been gifted to a few.

However do not be fooled.

It may be an art, but it is a science as well. Discover the scientific part of improvisation.

Learn the secrets of jazz, blues, rock and pop improvisation on the piano.

  • Discover just why certain notes work well over certain chord progressions.
  • Learn how to recognise the difference between chord tones and tension notes
  • Learn licks and tricks that will help you take your piano playing forward
  • Perfect for those who want to get into improvisation.
  • Learn the secrets of manipulating the listener in order to produce beautiful music.
  • Select the perfect note the perfect situation.
  • Learn why the stock market and improvisation are basically the same thing.
  • Surf the wave of the song and learn how to bring your solo to a climax!
  • Take a practice routine home with you for you to start practising and working on your improvisation!


Event details:

The seminar will take place on 21 November 2015 at 3pm and last for 3 hours.

The fee for the seminar is £350 for non-members and £180 for members (students of the London Piano Institute)

The seminar is aimed at those wanting to learn the basics of improvisation.

The seminar will take place at The London Piano Institute.

To book your place at the seminar please email Stefan at enrol@londonpianoinstitute.co.uk