Piano Tuition London


Learning how to play the piano takes a lot of courage. There’s quite a lot of things involved when you learn an instrument. It can be extremely daunting if you don’t have the right mentor or teacher who can show you how to do it easily!

At the London Piano Institute we strive to make learning fun and easy. Our master piano teacher Céline Gaurier-Joubert has taught hundreds of adults how to play the piano and she is an extremely valuable coach and mentor when it comes to learning the piano. Her years of experience will help you learn to play the piano.

Classes take place in the City of London  and in Mayfair at Céline’s piano teaching studio.

Piano Class Options (Lessons take place in the City of London and in Mayfair)
» Private Piano Lessons
» Correspondence Piano Lessons - (Long Distance Piano Lessons - Learn from the comfort of your residence)