Can I start my piano lessons at any time of the year?

Yes, you are welcome to start at anytime during the year! We require a registration fee along with the first month's instalment prior to starting your piano course.

Where do the piano lessons take place?

We have two fabulous locations for your piano instruction. You can study with us in the City of London or in Mayfair near Park Lane. Our master piano instructor teach exclusively from Mayfair.

When does the ultimate access program take place?

The ultimate access program takes place Monday to Friday mostly at lunchtime (12pm - 2pm) and evening time (5pm-9pm). There are also morning slots available from 10am. The ultimate access program is specifically designed for you to get the ultimate access and most personal guidance from the master of adult piano education Celine Gaurier-Joubert. Please contact us to find details about her availability.

When does the gold piano program take place?

The gold piano program takes place on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings at 6pm. It's our entry program designed for beginners to basic-intermediate players. There's only space for a total of 6 students so there might be a waiting list. In the gold program, two individuals share the class.

When does the silver piano program take place?

The silver piano program takes place on Thursday evenings at 6pm or 7pm. It's our entry program designed for beginners to basic-intermediate players. There's only space for a total of 6 students so there might be a waiting list.

How long will it take for me to learn how to play the piano?

To be honest with you, this question depends on your goals. If you plan to accompany yourself with a few basic I IV V chords, then it will take around 3-6 months to do that. If you want to perform Chopin's etudes, think a couple of years! It depends... on what you wish to achieve. We have found that it's best not to think about how long it will take, but rather just to get started and practice regularly . After a couple of months you will be pleasantly surprised at the progress you've made!

I’m a classically trained pianist and I want to learn jazz. I’ve never played jazz before – is it easy to learn?

Music is a language and every genre has it's own method of producing the sound of the language. Classical music and jazz has similarities, but if you've never played jazz before expect it to be a bit of a learning curve. Take a look at the two words "classical" and "jazz". The first seems more formal in structure and organised. The latter seems jazzzzzzzzzzzzzy.... it swings and is free... That's exactly what you should expect. It will take a number of years to get used to the "swing" in jazz. In classical music the strong beats are on 1 and 3 while jazz is on 2 and 4. Everything is upside-down... With our guidance it will not be that hard, but you must be ready to apply yourself!

I’ve got romantic notions about learning the piano. I often dream of playing Chopin’s nocturnes. Can I learn them in a couple of months?

The piano can be a very romantic instrument and Chopin definitely wrote some of the best romantic piano music of all time! Unfortunately you will need to be patient. Unless you can already play, you should expect a couple of years of lessons before you can successfully play one of Chopin's nocturnes. We will do our level best to make the lessons interesting for you and we could work on a part of one of the nocturnes quite early on. It's important not to have false expectations about learning the piano. It takes a lot of time and patience to learn how to play. Learning the notes and basics are not too difficult, but if you want to play the work of a master, then please expect it to take time. Do not be put off by this, rather embrace the fact that it takes time and get started immediately.

I would love to learn the piano, but I feel I’m just now talented enough. Would it be possible to learn even though I’m not talented?

It's quite obvious that you're belief system has been affected by false ideas. There's a myth that people are not "talented enough". In all our experience of music we can safely claim that this myth is entirely false! Although "super talent" exist (Think Michael Jackson, Einstein, Dinu Lippati), most famous musicians were once on your level! YOU ARE TALENTED... but it's usually not the issue at hand. Talent in a vacuum does not help you one iota! You need to combine your natural talent (ability to reason and understand) with hard work and an excellent guide to help you learn successfully. To answer your question, yes you can learn and you've got talented. Join a course today and we'll help you to get rid of the common myths that's ingrained into the very fabric of society.

I don’t have much time to practice, but I really want to play the piano. Would it still be worth it to enrol?

There are many people in your exact situation. It's very important to have a long term vision when it comes to learning the piano. Life is a changing game and although you may find yourself incredibly busy, you never know what will happen 3-4 years down the road. (You might be promoted and actually have more time for you etc...) The most important thing is to get started. Everyone who plays an instrument took action by joining a course. Learning the piano by yourself (especially if you are busy) is a big mistake. A great teacher is worth great value. Learning with us will help you achieve your goals much faster than learning with a mediocre teacher. Even if your time is extremely limited, we will give you material you can practice on the way to the office (in the cab) or perhaps on the plane. Even if you almost never practiced, it is possible to learn the piano just by attending lessons. We always recommend frequent practice sessions (even if they are 10 minutes in length), but if you just don't have the time then it won't matter. The most important aspect of learning when you are busy is PATIENCE. If you are patient and you just attend lessons faithfully with our private piano studio or via correspondence then you WILL BE REWARDED in due time.

The lessons seems very expensive for me, why should I pay so much?

There are many pre-conceived ideas about what a lesson should be priced at. At the London Piano Institute, we aim to provide the highest quality piano instruction for adults in the United Kingdom. It is our goal to provide the zenith of piano instruction and help all our students make tremendous progress using the best methodologies of piano playing. If you consider the years of study that our master piano instructor Celine has completed, along with the arduous hours of practice that she's put into her instrument (Totaling than 35,000 hours of piano practice and thought) you will realise that the course fees are very reasonable. Quality cannot be purchased for cheap. If you want outstanding piano instruction in a formidable atmosphere with an EXCELLENT instructor then you will need to pay the fees due. Remember that we always try to provide MORE value than we ask. It is our desire to provide exceptional value and provide you with the best possible piano instruction that money can buy. The most dangerous thing that you can do is to study with the wrong teacher, as you will actually have to re-learn the instrument. A bad teacher will most certainly teach you bad posture, terrible technique and help you to produce an awful sound. (It's far better to choose quality from day one and have a solid foundation to build for your the future of your piano playing)

I’m an absolute beginner and have never played the piano before, can I join a course?

At the London Piano Institute we specialise in teaching adults of all ages and abilities. If you've never touched the piano before, then you will make a very wise decision in joining our courses. From day one you will learn the correct technique and style with an outstanding piano teacher. Absolute beginners and nervous beginners are welcome. Please note we will always do our best to make you feel at ease.


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