As a beginner piano student looking to start piano lessons in London or online, it is a daunting process and you may not know where to start.

That is exactly why we have compiled a collection of important resources to help you select a digital piano, understand the enrolment process and understand what it will actually take to learn the piano.

The truth is, learning to play requires excellent piano education and a willingness from the student’s side to learn and practice.

Most adult beginners are willing to practice on a regular basis.

So without further ado, please find a collection of our most important resources to help you on your journey to learning how to play the piano.

Afterall a great man said: “The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step…!”

Articles pertinent to beginners wanting to learn the piano:

Why you need weekly piano lessons

Discover the importance of taking weekly piano lessons and why it is imperative for you in order to develop a solid foundation.

10 reasons why you do not need any prior experience to play the piano

It may come as a surprise, but you do not need any prior musical experience to start learning. Absolutely anybody CAN learn how to play the piano!

Discover 10 reasons why!

What to expect from your first year of learning to play the piano

Will it be easy? Will it be hard? Find out more about your first year with the piano!

A beginner’s guide to the piano

A quick beginner’s guide with important musical terminology as well as some important posture and technical guidelines.

5 Reasons why it is never too late

Yes, yes, yes you can learn at any age and play the music that you love!

Discover 5 reasons why it’s never too late!

The importance of learning to read music properly

One of the most important aspects of learning to play the piano. (Editor’s note: if you learn jazz or blues it is also important, but we will probably not focus as much on this as when you want to learn classical)

Discover the importance of reading here.

Should I be concerned about learning to play the piano as a beginner?

Find out why you DO NOT need to be concerned and why you can ‘come as you are’ and just get started!

Read about why you do not need to worry!

6 Piano lesson myths you need to know about

Knowledge is power. Discover the 6 myths around piano lessons that you need to know about!

Review of The London Piano Institute by Tim Short

Tim started as an absolute beginner having not touched the piano in his life before. (He has actually never played any musical instrument prior to starting with The London Piano Institute).

In 2018 he has passed his ABSM grade 3 piano exam with merit.

He is currently working on grade 4 and we are planning to go all the way to grade 8. (Tim plans to learn jazz piano after achieving grade 8).

This is living proof that ANYONE regardless of prior experience CAN learn to play the piano on the condition that he or she obtains excellent education and practice.

View the video below to listen to Tim’s experience with The London Piano Institute:

Your questions answered, digital pianos and the book that we work from:

FAQ For Beginner Piano Students

FAQ For Beginner Piano Students

Recommended digital pianos for beginner piano students

Visit our page to find our recommended digital pianos for beginner piano students.

Book that you will need for your piano lessons

At the London Piano Institute we work from Carol Barratt’s wonderful book called: The classic piano course book 1 – starting to play.