Autumn Concert 2013

Autumn Concert 2013

The Autumn concert was a big success, and we had great performances from all the students.

Suki surprised everyone with her perfect execution of the “First Study” by Karl Czerny. (From the Classic Piano Course Book 1 by Carol Barratt)

She played it rhythmically perfect from the beginning to the end, after only a few months of piano lessons! A great testament disproving the myth that adults can’t learn to play the piano! Suki thank you for showing us that it can indeed be done!

Many students had their first taste of playing duets with the violin. Celine’s father, Jacques came all the way from France to perform with us and make the evening a great delight!

Listening to piano and violin duets was an aural feast that we all enjoyed!

After the student performances, Celine performed various musical duets with her father Jacques. They specifically prepared various numbers from a special repertoire that includes American, Russian, Argentine and French music designed for piano and violin.

Everyone enjoyed their marvellous performance, and they ended the evening on a bang with a very special piece by the Argentine tango composer, Astor Pantaleón Piazzolla. It was truly mesmerising!

After the performances, we all enjoyed champagne, wine and light food together. The social aspect of learning the piano is often as important as the piano lessons themselves. Socialising with other like-minded people, inspires everybody to go further and reached beyond the seemingly impossible boundaries of piano technique and repertoire. An evening of music often leaves one with great inspiration to practice more and raise your standard to the level that you’ve always wanted to achieve!

A very special and big thank you to Stephen & Lionel for hosting the evening, and making it a real success! We had a marvellous evening thanks to your brilliant selection of light food and drinks to compliment the piano performances! Stephen gave a delightful performance of “The Sunset” (Schmitz Zur Sonnenuntergangsstunde ) and impressed us all, it sounded wonderful and Stephen only work on it for a few days! (Well done Stephen!)

Stephen Performing at London Piano Institute's Autumn Concert 2013

Our Host Stephen Giving a Fantastic Performance of “The Sunset” (Schmitz Zur Sonnenuntergangsstunde)