I don’t have much time to practice, but I really want to play the piano. Would it still be worth it to enrol?

Posted by: In: 11 Nov 2011

There are many people in your exact situation. It’s very important to have a long term vision when it comes to learning the piano. Life is a changing game and although you may find yourself incredibly busy, you never know what will happen 3-4 years down the road. (You might be promoted and actually have more time for you etc…)

The most important thing is to get started. Everyone who plays an instrument took action by joining a course. Learning the piano by yourself (especially if you are busy) is a big mistake. A great teacher is worth great value. Learning with us will help you achieve your goals much faster than learning with a mediocre teacher.

Even if your time is extremely limited, we will give you material you can practice on the way to the office (in the cab) or perhaps on the plane. Even if you almost never practiced, it is possible to learn the piano just by attending lessons. We always recommend frequent practice sessions (even if they are 10 minutes in length), but if you just don’t have the time then it won’t matter.

The most important aspect of learning when you are busy is PATIENCE. If you are patient and you just attend lessons faithfully with our private piano studio or via correspondence then you WILL BE REWARDED in due time.

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