I’m a classically trained pianist and I want to learn jazz. I’ve never played jazz before – is it easy to learn?

Posted by: In: 11 Nov 2011

Music is a language and every genre has it’s own method of producing the sound of the language. Classical music and jazz has similarities, but if you’ve never played jazz before expect it to be a bit of a learning curve. Take a look at the two words “classical” and “jazz”. The first seems more formal in structure and organised. The latter seems jazzzzzzzzzzzzzy…. it swings and is free… That’s exactly what you should expect. It will take a number of years to get used to the “swing” in jazz. In classical music the strong beats are on 1 and 3 while jazz is on 2 and 4. Everything is upside-down… With our guidance it will not be that hard, but you must be ready to apply yourself!

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