The lessons seems very expensive for me, why should I pay so much?

Posted by: In: 11 Nov 2011

There are many pre-conceived ideas about what a lesson should be priced at.

At the London Piano Institute, we aim to provide the highest quality piano instruction for adults in the United Kingdom.

It is our goal to provide the zenith of piano instruction and help all our students make tremendous progress using the best methodologies of piano playing.

If you consider the years of study that our master piano instructor Celine has completed, along with the arduous hours of practice that she’s put into her instrument (Totaling than 35,000 hours of piano practice and thought) you will realise that the course fees are very reasonable.

Quality cannot be purchased for cheap. If you want outstanding piano instruction in a formidable atmosphere with an EXCELLENT instructor then you will need to pay the fees due. Remember that we always try to provide MORE value than we ask. It is our desire to provide exceptional value and provide you with the best possible piano instruction that money can buy.

The most dangerous thing that you can do is to study with the wrong teacher, as you will actually have to re-learn the instrument. A bad teacher will most certainly teach you bad posture, terrible technique and help you to produce an awful sound. (It’s far better to choose quality from day one and have a solid foundation to build for your the future of your piano playing)

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