At The London Piano Institute, we have got some of the most excellent jazz piano instructors in all of the United Kingdom.

As an advanced learner, you will want to increase your competency and ability to play what you hear in your head. At this level, you have a good working knowledge of the II V I progression as well as the tonal cycle throughout the keys. You can play the I IV VII III VI II V I progression fluently in all inversions in all keys. You know ten to fifteen standards well. You have a good idea of different jazz artists as well as styles. You are familiar with Afro-jazz, Swing, Cool jazz, Be-Bop, Eastcoast jazz, Fusion, Smooth jazz and you have played a variety of jazz styles.

It is at this level where you will start to specialise in the style that suits your personality. If you are a fast thinker, you will, most probably, excel in Be-Bop jazz. If you are a more profound thinker, you might prefer playing in the style of Bill Evans. It all depends on your personality at this time.

Of course, there are knowledge gaps that will need to be filled as an advanced jazz player. You will need to understand the construction and de-construction of the entire melodic minor scale, including its harmonisation in octaves, sevenths, sixths, fifths, fourths, thirds and seconds – Chords of triads, chords of sevenths, chords of fourths and so much more.

Your knowledge will increase at this level as you even take on the modes of the harmonic minor and you can superimpose between various types of scales, especially on the dominant seventh. It is at this time that you will become like a Swiss army knife in your improvisation, as you can play your lines from any given degree at any moment.

Of course, it is the highest level of playing, and this is what you will be aiming for. It is also at this time where you will become profound at playing chord melodies and making up various voicings on jazz standards. You will be able to play the piano like an entire orchestra.

At this level, you will also start to be able to play with other musicians in a professional setting. You will learn a lot about structure but also how to keep your structure, even if the tempo is 200 beeps per minute. You will also dwell into standards such as Giant Steps and Donna Lee. In fact, you will learn how to play these standards in all twelve keys.

It is at this level where the ultimate competency of your brain will be tasted.

It is at this level where frustration can also kick in as you discover weaknesses that must be worked on.

But it is at this level that you will become the jazz pianist that you have always dreamed of being. This level at which you will become the ultimate Swiss army knife of jazz playing. You will be able to transpose standards in a second to any key. You will have a working knowledge of many jazz standards and be able to manipulate harmony, melody and timing as well as atmosphere in dimension throughout the universe of jazz playing.

It is at this level where our piano teachers will help you become the jazz piano player that you have always wanted to be!

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