Jeffrey Shackell

Jeffrey Shackell Piano Technician

Jeffrey Shackell with his wife Ann have been responsible for running Shackell Pianos Ltd for many years. Now looking for a slightly quieter life the hustle and bustle of retail piano buying and selling has been put behind them and Jeffrey has returned to exactly where he started in 1978 operating as a sole trader offering a service for piano tuning, overhauling and service work to quality pianos.

Tim Hendy

Tim Hendy

First-class piano tuning, maintenance and repair services for grand and upright pianos in the home, studio, and concert venue.

36 years of experience with almost limitless knowledge, enthusiasm and integrity, gleaned from all corners of the piano trade.

Carefully selected pianos for sale, priced competitively; buy with confidence from one of Britain’s best-regarded piano technicians.


Gideon Elliott Piano Tuner and Technician

Gideon Elliott

My name is Gideon Elliott and I am an experienced independent piano tuner and technician based in North London.

I cover North, East, West, and Central London locations.

Other Greater London locations are considered as well as the surrounding London counties.


Piano House Ltd

Piano House Ltd

Over the last 40 years I have tuned pianos in nearly all locally known venues and for some of the most famous people, for public performances and recordings. But I still find most joy from tuning pianos for people at home who enjoy their music and playing their own pianos, so I look forward to meeting new clients and their pianos.