The London Piano Institute certainly offers the most comprehensive piano lessons for adults in London

At The London Piano Institute, we welcome all adults, whether they want to learn how to play the piano from scratch, rekindle their passion for this beautiful instrument or improve their skills with outstanding piano instructors.

Study with a master pianist and pedagogue

We are proud to work with highly qualified and experienced piano teachers who possess all the required skills to guide you in the best manner possible whether you are a beginner, an intermediate or an advanced pianist.

All our piano teachers have successfully completed their brilliant studies at major music universities before embracing their career. They balance their life between teaching and performing to keep on top of their piano playing and offer you the most incredible piano lessons that London has to offer.

When founding The London Piano Institute, Celine Gaurier-Joubert’s vision was to provide amateur pianists with the same quality lessons that future professionals would benefit from, but with a twist regarding the expectations.

We understand fully that amateur pianists play the piano for their pleasure and we always adapt our tuition and piano lessons to their specific endeavour.

Expect RADICAL results

At The London Piano Institute, we appreciate that adults who play the piano for their enjoyment have busy lives which do not allow them to dedicate a considerable amount of time to personal practice. We also understand that they wish to learn how to play simple melodies or improve their pianistic skills rapidly.

For this reason, we always ensure that we teach you the correct techniques from day one and follow a specific direction to tackle individual problems. Each pianist is different and therefore in need to benefit from a particular approach.

Thanks to our remarkable teaching philosophy and result-oriented methods, you can expect to learn faster and get to your goal quicker.

Our piano teachers are also incredibly inspiring and motivating! You can be sure to enjoy your pianistic journey greatly and notice amazing progress regularly. They have studied with the most re-known master piano pedagogues and are therefore able to pass their incredible knowledge on to you.

At The London Piano Institute, we are greatly interested in the progress and pleasure that our students can have in playing the piano. We always take great care in ensuring that you learn pieces that you enjoy playing and that the direction taken by your piano instructors works brilliantly for you.

Our piano courses are 100% dedicated to adults

At The London Piano Institute, we understand that adults can sometimes be embarrassed and uncomfortable to learn a new skill such as piano playing. They often feel shy and compare their abilities to children’s.

As we comprehend this issue, we have decided to offer piano lessons in London to adults only. We wish you to have a fantastic learning experience in an environment that has been entirely created for you as an adult!

Be Inspired

We believe that the art of piano playing cannot be learnt without tremendous motivation and inspiration. Playing the piano is indeed an enjoyable activity, but there will be some bumps on the road.

As we wish you to become the best pianist you can be and not give up at the first little setback, we will always encourage you. We will always make sure that you enjoy practising and remind you that we can all be fantastic pianists if we learn the correct techniques.

Everyone has the potential to become a remarkable pianist if an extraordinary mentor guides him!

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