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The Classic Piano Course by Carol Barrat
The perfect book for adult beginner piano students:

Carol Barratt's Famous 'The Classic Piano Course' is simply a wonderful book to get started with.

As a beginner piano student, one of your foremost goals should be to get to know the notes on the piano. This book is wonderful for that purpose. You will get to know the treble and bass clef and in due time learn how to play with both hands together on the piano.

At the London Piano Institute we think it is a wonderful book as a starting point before attempting the (non-obligatory) graded examinations.

Frank Mantooth: Voicings for Jazz Keyboard
The perfect book for learning how to properly voice jazz chords (intermediate/advanced)

Frank Mantooth Is a wonderful jazz pianist and jazz piano educator.

This is not a book that I would recommend for beginners, but rather for intermediate or advanced piano students. It is imperative that you understand the basics of jazz harmony before moving through this book. Once you understand the basics, you simply can't find a better book for jazz piano voicings.

What I love about Frank's approach is his simplicity and ways to make the complex simple. This book is a must have for jazz piano enthusiasts ready to take their playing to the next level!

The Great Pianists by Harold C. Schonberg
The perfect book for all piano enthusiasts – A MUST HAVE!

A highly entertaining and educational book on the history of the greatest pianists we've ever encountered.

Harold's style of writing makes this book a classic book on the great pianists from the past.

Short biographies are included on major pianists such as Liszt, Chopin, Schnabel, Rachmaninoff, Rubinstein, Clara Schumann, Wanda Landowska, Vladimir de Pachmann, Claudio Arrau and other greats.

You can read about their practice methods/habits and pick up plenty of tips for your own piano playing!

It's a book that is an absolute must have for any piano enthusiast!