The City of London is probably one of the most prestigious parts of the world where you can learn how to play the piano or improve your pianistic skills with a fantastic instructor.

It is a unique part of the world with such an extraordinary history that you will undoubtedly benefit from the right inspiration to improve your piano playing immensely.

In 1937, William Walton wrote a remarkable piece of music for double chorus and orchestra called “In Honour of The City of London” to “evoke the bustling energy of a city that never seems to stop even for a breath”.

Studying the piano in such a magical atmosphere is a rare opportunity that can be embraced by piano lovers who have the privilege to take piano lessons with us in the City of London.

Conveniently located in Fleet Street, moments from The Royal Court of Justice, our lovely premises could be described as a beautiful haven of music. It has specifically been created for piano enthusiasts who wish to develop their passion at lunchtime or after work.

As Laurence (one of our most passionate students) once said: “It is truly extraordinary to be able to benefit from such a world-class piano instruction and go back to the office feeling so refreshed and empowered.”

Our piano lessons in the City of London are fully designed for adults who play the piano for their pleasure and enjoyment.

You are most welcome to study at The London Piano Institute regardless of your current musical abilities.

We have purposefully created this wonderful centre for adult amateur pianists. You will never feel judged, patronised or negatively criticised.

Even if you are an absolute beginner with no prior musical background, your endeavour of learning how to play the piano will be greatly appreciated by your instructor. We welcome absolutely any adult, even those who think that they are not talented. We firmly believe that all adults can learn and that there is no reason not to try if you always wanted to.

As we know how daunting it can be for an adult to start taking piano lessons, we strictly work with wonderful piano teachers who have a true passion for teaching adult amateur pianists and who have a vast experience in adult piano education.

Of course, we also welcome intermediate and advanced piano enthusiasts who feel the need for benefiting from the advice of an expert to take their piano playing to the next level.

Your instructor will be happy to help you solve any technical issues, improve your interpretation and enhance your tone production.

At The London Piano Institute, in the City of London, we wish all our piano lessons to be both highly educational and thoroughly enjoyable.

Our instruction is based on such concepts that you will make brilliant progress rapidly in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere without ever feeling any pressure.

We want you to look forward to attending your piano lessons and to emerge yourself in a beautiful world of music to help relax from your highly pressured occupation.

The City of London is home to a vast amount of lawyers, bankers, brokers, investors, or accountants who are now delighted to share their life between law or finance and piano playing.

They are delighted to benefit from the immense joy and satisfaction that playing the piano and attending their piano lessons in the City have added to their life.

At The London Piano Institute, piano lessons for adults are available for all levels, from absolute beginners without any musical knowledge to advanced amateur pianists.

Your piano lessons would take place weekly on a set day and time. Slots are available from 10 am to 10 pm to ensure that you are able to attend even after a very long day at work.

Playing the piano is a beautiful art, so why don’t you treat yourself and join our wonderful piano lessons!

It is one of the most extraordinary ways to relieve stress and get back to the office, fully energised and inspired!

Your colleague may even ask where you have been!

With a smile, you can reply: “At the oasis of music and piano just down the road in Fleet Street!”

Who knows – soon they may join you too!

The London Piano Institute offers outstanding piano instruction in the City of London.

You can now choose between one-to-one tuition or group piano classes with an excellent instructor in the City.

Our City location is conveniently located at 21 Fleet Street, EC4Y 1AA, near St. Paul’s Cathedral or Chancery Lane.

You can study jazz, classical, blues or rock piano with an outstanding piano instructor and finally become the pianist that you have always wanted to become!

You also need NO prior knowledge to join a course and can start at any time during the year!

Space is limited, so contact us today to avoid disappointment and to secure your slot in our busy schedule here at the London Piano Institute.

Our City location:

Please note that visits to our City location must be arranged by appointment only.