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The London Piano Institute is one of the UK’s most notable piano academies. Established by Celine Gaurier-Joubert in 2011 it offers discerning adults the opportunity to become accomplished pianists, meet like-minded students and develop a life-long passion for this beautiful instrument.

Master Piano Instructor, Celine, has over 20 years of experience teaching and performing across Europe, most notably in France, Switzerland and the UK. She has studied with musical maestros such as Jazz legend, Thierry Lang, Classical maestro Edson Elias, Pascal Devoyon and Francois Weigel and is now regarded as one of the UK’s most eminent piano instructors.

Celine and her team offer adults the chance to learn at their prestigious piano academy in Park Lane just a short 15 minute cab ride from Covent Garden. The sumptuous piano studio is a delight for students with commanding views across Mayfair, fine art adorning the walls and beautiful decoration throughout the studio providing the ultimate backdrop for any student who is serious about learning to play the piano.

Celine is passionate about students enjoying their piano tuition. The beautiful setting is just one technique used to create the right ambiance. Students are also encouraged to choose a genre that they are enthusiastic about. Residents of Covent Garden can choose from Classical piano lessons through to blues, rock, pop or jazz piano lessons.

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The London Piano Institute, near Covent Garden, is open throughout the week (aside from Sundays) and offers daytime or evening tuition but is always mindful of the students’ commitments and will create a bespoke learning programme for each student based on their own individual goals and lifestyle. We recommend weekly piano lessons and encourage all of our students to practice for a short period of time each day in order to make significant progress.

Celine and her team are passionate about teaching adults to learn the piano and above all encourage their students to enjoy their lessons and have fun. Without this essential element, it is impossible for students to make progress. “Celine is an inspirational and insightful teacher who makes learning the piano a pleasure” Professor Frances Balkwill. Celine is a firm believer in teaching her students the right techniques from the outset. Once these foundations are in place, Celine will encourage her students to delve deeper into the musical compositions looking for the story behind each piece in order to bring the music to life. “Not only has Celine taught me to read and play the piano but to freely develop with the music. I appreciate every moment I spend there and would not trade it with anything else”. Katie Evans.

As a performer of many piano recitals, Celine is keen that her students have the opportunity to perform from time to time in front of other students from the Institute, should they wish to. Not only is this a wonderful opportunity to meet other like-minded individuals but is provides a ‘safe’ environment for students to practice what they have learnt and share experiences with their fellow students. These musical evenings take place near Covent Garden several times a year and are exclusive to students of The London Piano Institute.

You can now take piano lessons in WC2 with an outstanding instructor who genuinely cares for your piano progress.

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