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The London Piano Institute is one of the most prestigious piano academies in the UK, offering piano lessons for adults in Marylebone.The London Piano Institute is proud to be able to provide extraordinary piano lessons to adults who either live
or work in Marylebone.

Ideally located within the charming and historical yard of All Saints Church in Margaret Street, our lovely piano
studio would surely inspire adults who have a passion for the piano. Either they wish to take piano lessons to
learn how to play or improve their current skills, the delightful atmosphere of our wonderful music haven will
undoubtedly be incredibly inspirational for all.

At The London Piano Institute, we strive in providing you with the most suitable piano lessons whether you are
a complete beginner or a proficient amateur pianist.

Thanks to our unparalleled experience in adult piano education, we have carefully put a few ingredients
together to ensure that your piano lessons in Marylebone are both enjoyable and educational.

In addition to offering piano lessons in such a beautiful part of Marylebone, we exclusively work with
instructors who are both fantastic piano teachers and terrific pianists.

Thanks to our 20 years + of experience in the field of adult piano education, we perfectly know how to
approach adults whether they have never touched a piano before or whether they are already advanced

We believe that this knowledge allows us to offer you the most excellent piano lessons available in London and

Piano lessons for beginners in Marylebone

Adults who have zero experience in music are often afraid of making their dream come true and start their piano education. They sadly base their fears of not being good enough on false beliefs such as “I am now too old” or “I might not be talented”.

At The London Piano Institute, we believe that all adults can learn how to play the piano and that no specific talent is required to enjoy playing your favourite instrument.

At our piano studios in Marylebone, we work with piano teachers who are incredibly gentle and patient. They have an exceptional understanding of adults who start playing at a later stage and know how to pass their knowledge on to you in a manner that is easy for you to understand. You will never be pressurised or required to get onto the next step until you are not mastering the skills that your instructor is teaching you.

If you are an adult who wants to learn how to play the piano as a hobby, you can be assured that studying at The London Piano Institute is undoubtedly the best decision you could ever make.

Celine Gaurier-Joubert The London Piano Institute’s founder Celine Gaurier-Joubert

Celine Gaurier-Joubert, established, Master Piano Instructor, has studied and performed across Europe and the UK and her vision for The London Piano Institute is to offer first class tuition to adults in Marylebone and surrounding areas. Celine, together with her expert team of highly trained instructors are passionate about music and about getting the best from their students. They go the extra mile, pulling together a bespoke learning plan for each and every student to ensure that they are being guided in a way that benefits them personally. Once students have mastered the basic techniques they are encouraged to have fun. Students are taught how to listen to the music and how to envisage the ‘story behind the music’ enabling students to get under the skin of the piece and explore the passion behind its creation.

Piano lessons for intermediate piano students in Marylebone

At The London Piano Institute, we cater for adults of all levels and abilities, including the intermediate pianists who are eager to take their piano playing to the next level.

As pianists ourselves, we know the feeling of having achieved a certain level of competency and not being able to solve technical or musical issues without the help of a professional pianist. We have all been there at some point in our career, and we aim to support you as well as we can by using our expertise to help you improve and resolve any frustrating pianistic problem.

Whether you require the help of an expert pianist to enhance your technique, tone production, sight-reading or sense of interpretation, our wonderful piano teachers in Marylebone will be delighted to work hand on hand with you.

Piano lessons for advanced pianists in Marylebone

As a proficient amateur pianist, you might often wonder if your interpretation of the latest pieces you have taken on is correct. You might also always stumble on the same passage and do not know how to tackle it.

At The London Piano Institute, we regularly meet adults who take piano lessons in Marylebone to benefit from the incredible expertise of our piano instructors. Our piano teachers have themselves studied with the greatest masters and have surely encountered the same issues of frustrations as yourself today.

Advanced amateur pianists who join our piano lessons have something in common. They are able to play some given pieces reasonably well, but a touch of professionalism that would make all the difference is often missing.

It is normal, and it is the reason why the expertise of a professional pianist is necessary to improve your piano playing drastically. By attending piano lessons at The London Piano Institute in Marylebone, you will soon discover that an issue that looked insurmountable for years can be resolved in a few minutes thanks to a new fingering or a different way to practise a particular passage.

Our brilliant piano teachers often get praised for the speed at which they have been able to transform our pupils’ piano playing, so there is no reason why you would not benefit from the same excellent instruction!

Whether you are interested in working on your classical, pop or jazz skills, you should certainly not hesitate to seek help from an expert piano instructor who could create wonders!

At The London Piano Institute in Marylebone, piano lessons take place weekly on a set day and time and can be joined at any time during the year. We currently have availability at various times on weekdays up to 9pm as well as on Saturdays to facilitate your attendance.

We wish you a memorable experience and a massive improvement in your piano playing!

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