Expand your Repertoire: Learn to Play Piano Near Fitrovia W1

Living in the city offers much. From diverse work opportunities to the dazzling array of entertainments available. Even more so than most of the world’s great cities, London has it all.

It’s easy to kept swept up in the inexhaustible array of distractions available in the capital of the world, but as important as work is, and as fun as the city’s great nightlife can be, our souls’ crave more.

And at the London Piano Institute that is exactly what is on offer, food for the soul.

Not far from Fitrovia, the London Piano Institute is the perfect location to feed your hunger for creativity. We take our adult students from their first faltering chords to the heights of an accomplished professional pianist – it all depends on you.

Results-Orientated Adult Piano Lessons in Fitzrovia

The London Piano Institute offers piano lessons for adults at our convenient Mayfair location. Under the guidance of our instructor’s expert tuition, a tailored program will be designed to meet the individual needs of each student to ensure optimum results.

Our excellent piano teachers’ results-orientated methodology has brought the joy of music and the skill of its making to a broad range of London professionals, from doctors and lawyers to bankers and CEOs.

Why Learn the Piano?

The sound of the piano is one of the easiest instruments to recognise. Learning the piano is also one of the best ways to get to grips with the theory of music.

Gaining an understanding of how music works is a transferable skill that can open up whole new worlds of knowledge.

Here are just the few of the benefits of taking piano lessons at our Mayfair branch:


  • Culture Enhances Life

We work hard every day to put food on the table and pay our bills to take care of our families. Work gives us goals and purpose and when we get good at it, when we create value, we are rewarded for it.

But once we satisfy the paramount material needs of life we are also rewarded with the opportunity to enrich that life with culture.

Music is the most ancient of art forms. Long before the written word recorded our histories the lyrics and melodies of primitive forms of music ensured the survival of our stories.

Learning to play music connects us back to these origins, gives life deeper meaning, and, ultimately, makes us more human.


  • Take on a New Challenge and Build Confidence and Capacity

No matter the business you are in, the landscape is ever-changing. New technologies, market pressures, and the ebb and flow of the economy demand that we are constantly adapting to the ever-changing environment around us.

It is impossible to predict the future – to be successful we must be able to face new and surprising challenges.

Learning music is fun. No doubt about it. But it is also a challenge and with great challenges come great rewards. The rewards of learning to play the piano at our magnificent Mayfair location are manifold.

As your skill in playing piano evolves, new musical vistas will open. Opportunities to display your new found competence during social evenings and student recitals at the London Piano Institute will see you grow in confidence.

Music is a social activity. Something we share with others and these evenings are a great opportunity to make new friends and possibly even future business partners.

This experience of learning to play the piano will give you faith in your own capacity to acquire new skills as you face the constantly changing challenges of your work and social life.


  • Relieve Stress at Our Inspiring Institute, Not Far from Fitzrovia W1

Our convenient Mayfair location can take you from your work-a-day worries and transport you to an inspiring new soundscape in a matter of of minutes. Music has been shown to be more effective means of relieving stress than prescription pharmaceuticals!

Recent research from the Royal College of Music’s Centre for Performance Science found that “listening to and performing music has been shown to have a positive, biological effect on mood and stress levels.”

Source: https://www.theguardian.com/music/musicblog/2015/jul/07/classical-music-stress-reliever

With a flexible schedule to meet your needs, learning to play piano at our Mayfair facility is a great way to unwind from the stresses of your work day.


  • Improve Your Brain Function Near Fitzrovia

A bold claim, but true! At a time when funding for the arts is under pressure in schools and the public arena, a lot of research has been undertaken to identify exactly what benefits come from the study and performance of music.

The pleasure that music brings and the improvements on the quality of life are unquestionable, but does music benefit the brain?

The answer so far has been a resounding yes. We all understand that if we want to keep our body as healthy as possible as we age that we must exercise. The brain is no different. And a great form of exercise for the brain is learning a new instrument.

Studies have shown that older adult students who took piano lessons improved their attention span, memory, and problem-solving abilities.

Not bad for an activity that has been found to improve your mood also!

Source: http://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/health/healthy_aging/healthy_mind/keep-your-brain-young-with-musicStudents can choose to learn at the Mayfair studio, just a few minutes in a cab from Fitzrovia or at our wonderful piano studio in the City of London.

Each location is specifically designed for adults to learn and become great at playing the piano!

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