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“Put all your soul into it. Play the way you feel!” Chopin

Chopin is often regarded as one of the greatest piano composers. Perhaps he was. Perhaps he wasn’t. But he was certainly right about playing the way you feel. At the London Piano Institute, we actively encourage all of our students to master the correct basic techniques and to move onto ‘listening’ to the music, understanding the music and ultimately to making the piano ‘sing’! This ability to interpret a piece of music is the cornerstone of the Institute’s teaching.

A sumptuous setting for piano lessons near Bayswater

Celine Gaurier-­Joubert, Master Piano Instructor is one of the UK’s most sought-after piano instructors and now offers piano tuition to discerning adults in and around the Bayswater area of London. The Institute is just a 5 minute cab ride from Bayswater, occupying one of the most desirable locations in London near Park Lane.  In an effort to create a serene environment conducive to students’ education, Celine has commissioned fine art and beautiful decoration for the studio as well as providing a Bechstein and a Goetze Grand Piano for students to play.

With over 20 years of experience, teaching and studying in Europe, Celine opened the doors to the Institute in 2011 with a dream of inspiring adults to enjoy the art of piano playing. The Institute offers one-to-one lessons or group lessons for students who would prefer to learn with others and is open from Monday to Friday with lessons available throughout the day and evening to suit executive’s busy lifestyles.

The art of playing the piano is a skill that is envied the world over. For some it’s about being able to interpret a piece of music and enrapture an audience which can be exhilarating. For others, it’s simply about being able to play for your own pleasure. Beginners in Belgravia or students who have learnt previously, need look no further than The London Piano Institute for piano instruction that that surpasses all others.

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A variety of piano tuition on offer close to Bayswater W2

Students in Bayswater can choose from traditional classical music piano tuition to blues, pop, rock or jazz piano lessons. Celine has a wealth of experience teaching and has studied with some of the most eminent piano maestros including Edson Elias, Francois Weigel and Pascal Devoyon as well as Thierry Lang.

An accomplished pianist is much admired but getting to this level isn’t just about learning the correct techniques. Celine and her team are passionate about piano tuition and passing on skills they have learnt. An approach often used is to encourage students to explore ‘under the skin’ of the music, to think about the composer’s intentions and to really ‘feel’ the music. As experienced performers, Celine and her team are able to instruct students in how to put the passion into their piano playing and how to captivate an audience with exquisite renditions.

Piano recitals near Bayswater

From time to time, the Institute organises musical recital evenings. These are an opportunity for students to come together and perform in front of a small selective (and non-judgmental!) audience. Many of our students not only find this invaluable experience but a wonderful way of meeting fellow students.

The finest piano lessons near Bayswater

The London Piano Institute is the leading piano academy near Bayswater and is at the forefront of piano teaching in the UK. Featuring internationally-recognised tutors with years of teaching and performance experience, there really is no better place to learn.

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