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Piano lessons Marble Arch

The London Piano Institute offers discerning adults in Marble Arch the opportunity to learn with one of the UK’s most sought after piano instructors, Celine Gaurier-Joubert. Celine established the piano academy in 2011 after 20 years teaching and performing across Europe. Her eminent style of piano instruction has earned her a reputation for providing the finest piano instruction in London.

The Institute is located in Park Lane, Mayfair, just minutes from Marble Arch and offers an unrivalled piano academy, sumptuously decorated with fine art and providing roof-top views across London to set students in the right frame of mind for learning from the best.

Mayfair piano instruction

A range of piano lessons near Marble Arch

Students can select classical piano instruction or choose from Jazz, Blues, Rock or Pop. Celine and her team have vast experience of each of these genres. Celine herself studied under some of the world’s leading piano masters such as Edson Elias, Francois Weigel and Pascal Devoyon as well as Thierry Lang, world-renowned Blue Note artist and Switzerland’s most eminent jazz pianist. Piano Instruction is available to residents of Marble Arch throughout the week (aside from Sundays) and tuition is offered during the day or in the evenings to suit student’s busy schedules.

Fun piano tuition in Marble Arch, tailored to individual’s needs

Celine and her team create bespoke lesson plans for each student to ensure the right techniques are applied and each student meets their own specific goals. The London Piano Institute prides itself on ensuring that students enjoy their piano lessons. Celine is passionate about playing the piano and her vast experience in teaching adults ensures she can draw on many methods to ensure her students are excited about their progression. The London Piano Institute prides itself on ‘getting the basics right’ and firmly believes studying with the wrong teacher will inevitably lead to the re-learning of some or (in the worst case scenario) all of your piano technique. 90% of all new learners gave up playing for precisely the reason mentioned above. However teaching the right techniques is never at the expense of passion. Building on students’ initial enthusiasm, Celine will encourage all students to ‘make the piano sing’, to listen for what the composer intended and to have fun with their music!

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Piano recital evenings near Marble Arch

Beginners are very much welcomed at The London Piano Institute, as are intermediate and advanced students. Individual lessons are offered or students can study as part of a group. All students, no matter what level are invited to join in with regular musical recitals held at the Park Lane studio. The evenings are a perfect opportunity for students to socialise and practice their performance skills.

Join The London Piano Institute and discover why it really is regarded as the best piano academy in London.

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