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Founder of The London Piano Institute, Celine Gaurier-Joubert is a concert pianist and one of the world’s leading experts on piano education for adults.

How long does it take to learn piano?


Well... It is probably the most challenging question that I have ever had to answer. Most adults who contemplate learning how to play the piano, or who have already decided to start, have the same question in mind: “How long does it take to learn piano?” It depends Every time an adult asks me this question, I give the same reply: “It depends”. It depends as it depends on various factors: your exact goal, your natural ability, the amount of time you dedicate to personal practice and the instructor you are studying with. As you may have probably understood, it is [...]

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How to learn a new piano piece effectively, get fast results and be in full control


Discover how to learn a new piano piece effectively, get fast results and be in full control A revolutionary method In this article, I am going to reveal one of my best-kept secret regarding the learning and practice of a new piano piece. I have always taught this method to my students, but it is the first time I am sharing it publicly. What you are about to read is revolutionary. I can promise you that if you follow all the steps diligently, your experience of learning of a new piano piece will be changed forever! It is rather unusual, but [...]

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Improving your skills as a serious amateur pianist in London


Celine Gaurier-Joubert shares her wisdom and expertise to help you improve your piano playing as a serious amateur pianist in London! Improving your skills #1 – What to do when you feel that you are unable to improve further after reaching a certain level of musicality At The London Piano Institute, we have met hundreds of amateur pianists who felt in need of benefiting from the expert advice of a professional pianist as they could not find the way to improve on their own anymore. They felt as they were facing a wall. Many adult amateur pianists are in this situation, [...]

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How to seriously improve your sight-reading


Learn how to improve your sight-reading and why it is absolutely essential for you to develop this all-important piano skill! Why is sight-reading so important? Sight-reading is an essential skill that all pianists should possess and excel at it. If you are not familiar with this term, sight-reading is the art of being able to play a piano piece at first sight without any prior (or little) preparation. It is an important skill to develop for the following reasons: 1. Reading a score easily, at first sight, will definitely help you learn a new piece of the repertoire much quicker and [...]

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How to practise the piano as a beginner


Daily practice is essential Practising is essential if you wish to become a proficient pianist. Attending piano lessons plays certainly a large role in your piano education but it is not enough for you to make good progress. Lessons are offered for you to benefit from a wonderful guidance and structure, but your progress will principally take place during your personal practice sessions. If you wish to make your dream of becoming a proficient pianist become true, you must discipline yourself and dedicate at least 20 minutes a day to your piano playing, to start with. The amount of time spent [...]

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My love for the piano


I love the piano so much, since I was a very young child. I literally begged my parents at 4 years old to start piano lessons, and during my childhood, I could not fall asleep without listening to Chopin's 1st concerto, on a tape, played by Martha Argerich. I truly enjoy teaching and helping all of you develop your piano skills, but I think that what I enjoy the most, is to share my deep passion and love for this wonderful instrument with you. I would not be able to tell you exactly why. I suppose that you cannot give any [...]

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The art of performing in public


Performing in public is totally different from performing on your own, or in front of your piano instructor. It requires some specific skills which must be practised as often as any other. It is proven that the level of competency of an individual would definitely be affected while performing for an audience, so it is why it is imperative to be well prepared. Stage fright is a common phenomenon that touches all performers, and pianists should not be in shame of admitting that they suffer from it. Depending on the individual, it could include tremor in the hands, pounding heart and [...]

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A piano teacher as a mentor, a coach and a friend


In this article, I would like to discuss the importance of having a piano teacher who would be a marvellous pianist, but also a mentor, a coach and a friend.Too often, piano teachers do not devote themselves to their students, and they can fall into the following categories:1. The young pianist who is still studying, and who teaches the piano to a few students, to get some pocket money, and help his/her parents to finance their piano studies. 2. The musician who has not achieved the dream of becoming a concert pianist, and did not wish to have a profession who [...]

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The 10 secrets of sight reading


Like so many pianists who play for their own pleasure, you might think that your sight-reading is appalling and that you are terrible at it. To be honest, you don't even want to speak about it!!! I have a SIGNIFICANT REVELATION for you: sight-reading is not more complex or mysterious than anything else. You simply need to know and learn how to proceed to become “proficient in the art of sight-reading”. Here are the 10 Secrets of Sight Reading 1. Firstly, have a look at the general idea of the score. You can quickly get a grasp of the difficulties that may occur while playing the piece and of the general layout of the piece. Then, look at the tempo, time signature, key, change of time signature/tempo. [...]

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The importance of learning how to read music properly


Learning how to read the notes used in music notation is similar to learning a language. Some people say that they are not interested in learning how to read as they prefer to play by ear. (Some folks even go as far as thinking that it will be detrimental to their ears and improvisational skills if they learned how to read – nonsense!) Not learning how to read the score properly, is one of the biggest mistakes that you can make if you are starting to learn the piano. Piano compositions are often only available in written notation. Therefore reading music [...]

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