One of the specialisations of The London Piano Institute is to focus on teaching beginner pianists how to play and understand classical music.

As the ancestor of all music genres, classical music must be studied in order to understand music and piano playing fully.

If you take classical piano lessons at The London Piano Institute, you will acquire a complete music education that includes technical exercises, theory, sight-reading, piano pieces, aural and music appreciation.

Some adults wish to start straight away with pop, and jazz piano playing, but taking such a path would not allow them to understand and learn the principles the basics of piano playing that are necessary to acquire before specialising in any music style.

The greatest pop and jazz musicians including Phil Collins, Freddie Mercury, Keith Jarrett and Chick Corea have all studied classical music before specialising in a different music genre.

It is essential to start your piano education with classical piano as the first step will be to learn how to read notes. Reading notes is imperative as it gives you the opportunity to comprehend any written music.

Music is a language which you cannot speak if you do not understand the words used.

At The London Piano Institute, we will also ensure that you develop a strong comprehension of music theory, that could be seen as the grammar and conjugation of a language.

Without learning these fundamental principles, your knowledge would, therefore, be insufficient, and your piano playing would suffer terribly from it.

Learning how to follow the indications written on a music sheet is also crucial to develop coherency in your piano playing. It is only by learning how to play the piano from a score that you can recognise all the musical signs such as dynamics, and terminology.

How could you improvise or write your own music if you have never learned how to play in a specific manner, at a given time?

Actors develop their understanding in the same way. They first learn how to interpret emotions in set texts before enlarging their repertoire.

At The London Piano Institute, we will take you through the basics of classical piano playing before introducing you to the leading composers, such as Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin, Debussy and Schoenberg.

Understanding their vocabulary and being able to interpret their music in the right fashion is fundamental for any accomplished pianist.
Following these necessary steps will then offer you the opportunity to understand each period, and to move on to another music genre, or to go into classical music in depth.

Skipping this fundamental education would be detrimental for your future. It is why taking classical piano lessons with highly qualified and experienced piano instructors at The London Piano Institute is indispensable if you wish to become the pianist you have always dreamed of being!

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