Piano and Memorisation

How To Improve Your Memory For The Piano


Improving your memory can be a great way to enhance your piano-playing skills and I am here to provide you with a few tips to achieve just that. Practice Regularly Consistent practice is crucial for improving your memory when learning to play the piano. When you practice the same pieces repeatedly, you are strengthening the neural connections in your brain that are responsible for muscle memory. This allows your fingers to move easily and smoothly over the keys, making it less challenging for you to recall the notes and fingerings as you play. In order to see results, try to [...]

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The Importance Of Understanding And Interpreting Your Piano Music


As a musician, learning how to play the piano is a rewarding and fulfilling journey. But, simply being able to play the notes on the page is not enough – it is equally important to understand and interpret the music you are performing. Understanding and interpreting your piano music allows you to bring your own unique flair and personality to a piece, and helps you to connect with the music on a deeper level. So, What Does It Mean To Understand And Interpret Piano Music? To understand a piece of music, you need to have a basic knowledge of its structure [...]

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How to learn a piano piece by memory


There are different ways of memorising a piano piece. The first is the normal memorising with your eyes, or what your eyes can see on your music score. Memorising with your mind, thinking specifically what you are playing from your score. Knowing what chords you are playing, knowing where you are going, seeing with your eyes and memorising that. Then there is ear-memory, which according to me is the higher way of memorising a piano piece because you use your ear to hear the sounds, feel the music and remember the melodies etc. For most classically trained pianists, reading a score [...]

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