Band workshop team building day

The perfect team-building experience for building your team!

In this explosive and exciting full-day band workshop, each delegate will learn to play an instrument and at the end of the day perform an exciting song together in unison!

It is simply the ultimate team-building experience guaranteed to energise your team for future business success!

No prior musical experience is required as each delegate will enjoy training during the day with an excellent instructor in a group format.

Your team’s cognitive abilities will be stretched during the day as each team member learns to play his or her part in the band!

It’s the perfect day to train everyone to listen to each other under pressure and achieve something incredible together!

Benefits for business

  • Team members have to work together in a group to form a band and perform a popular song
  • Everyone’s cognitive abilities will be stretched and lateral thinking will be required to learn their chosen instrument and perform in a group
  • At the end of the session, the entire class will operate as one group and perform a new tune learned on the day
  • Each individual may develop a passion music that could lead to years and years of pleasure and creativity!

Stefan JoubertThis course takes place with master musician and pianist and guitarist Stefan Joubert.

Stefan Joubert is known as a multi-instrumentalist and master musician and he has taught thousands of students how to play music over the past decade.

At age of 20, he recorded his own rock album recording the guitar, keys and voice. Stefan knows how to make music sound great and how to motivate a team!

His attention to detail and pleasant method of instruction has gained him a solid reputation in the music industry.

Stefan Joubert studied classical piano under maestro Josias van Der Merwe, jazz guitar under the legendary Johnny Fourie. In addition to this, he also studied for years under the formidable Abri Jordaan in South Africa and completed a 3-year Diploma in Jazz studies.

He is also known for playing the piano on the guitar! Literally! His “touch” guitar style is well known on YouTube and he has videos with millions of views.

Stefan is also the general manager and overseer of the London Piano Institute and responsible for the day to day running of the Institute.

You can be assured to be in excellent hands on the day and receive world-class instruction from a master musician who will help your business and employees think creatively, increase their cognitive abilities and team skills!

Course length: 1 Day
Location: 21 Fleet Street, City of London, EC4Y 1AA or in-house as required.

The cost of this course is £275 per delegate.

Course code: btbc176Stefan Joubert

Contact Stefan Joubert directly at or alternatively telephone 0207 127 0717 and Stefan will return your telephone call as soon as possible.

You can also contact us directly via our online contact form here.