Songwriting team building workshop

There is no better team-building exercise than the one of writing a song together!

Songwriting is the ART of team building.

Think of the best bands in the world – Queen, Rolling Stones, Metallica, The Beatles…

They had to operate as a team and write as a team!

Freddie Mercury’s solo albums (in our opinion) were not as good as Queen’s albums!


Because they operated as a team and worked together to achieve miracles!

The day will start with an introduction to the ‘how to’ of songwriting.

Small teams will be formed to write different aspects of the same song.

One team will work on the melody and harmony. (Alongside their instructor)

Another team will work on the lyrics!

At the end of the day, the song will be performed and everyone will have a wonderful time and leave feeling energised and excited to work together in the corporate world!

A massive boost for your organisation!

Benefits for business

  • Songwriting is arguably the best method of building and empowering a team in a team building environment.
  • Team members have to work together in a group to write both the lyrics and melody of their original work.
  • Everyone’s cognitive abilities will be stretched and lateral thinking will be required to write a great song on the day!
  • At the end of the session, the entire class will operate as one group and the tune will be performed by the delegates and instructors!
  • Each individual may develop a passion for music and songwriting that could lead to years and years of pleasure and creativity!

The course takes place with master musician and songwriter Stefan Joubert.

Stefan Joubert is a renowned multi-instrumentalist and wrote and recorded his first rock album at 20.

On the day Stefan will coach each team member to understand the popular chord progressions used by countless musicians in popular music.

Each delegate will have an opportunity to participate in writing a great song!

And who knows… perhaps it is the next hit song!

Course length: 1 Day
Location: 21 Fleet Street, City of London, EC4Y 1AA

The cost of this course is £275 per delegate.

Course code: ctptb101Stefan Joubert

Contact Stefan Joubert directly at or alternatively telephone 0207 127 0717 and Stefan will return your telephone call as soon as possible.

You can also contact us directly via our online contact form here.