Join the London Piano Institute to learn all the knowledge and techniques required to help you succeed at graded piano examinations.

When studying for a piano exam, preparation is critical. So too, is effective tutoring, which is often the defining factor between success and failure.

As a result, it can be very worthwhile investing in quality piano lessons from an established centre. By doing so, you significantly increase your chances of exam success.

At the academy, you’ll get the guidance and support needed to swiftly progress through the ranks of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) syllabus, the UK’s largest and most prominent music education body. This is an internationally recognised exam board and the world’s leading music exam provider, operating in over ninety countries.

We, of course, support all other graded examination providers, including Trinity and Rockshool!

But why take a piano music exam in the first place?

While playing just for fun and learning new skills can be highly enjoyable, taking exams will give you something to strive towards. Although examinations are not a requirement, the sense of achievement and additional motivation they bring means it can be very worthwhile preparing for and sitting examinations. You will gain valuable feedback from a respected examiner and attain an internationally-respected qualification in the process (and, of course, an excellent nugget to add to your CV).

Aside from teaching the technical aspects and skills needed for examination, the centre will allow you to play among others, thereby increasing your confidence. This is especially important to help prevent stage fright. And it can also greatly assist your practical exam performance. Successful musicians excel at a public performances, and with time, you will be encouraged to develop these vital skills.

On the exam day, you must perform three music pieces, plus scales and arpeggios, and an aural and sight-reading test. If this sounds daunting, don’t worry, the London Piano Institute will ensure you are fully prepared for your examination, whatever the level.

Catering for beginners, intermediate and advanced players, you will struggle to find a better location to learn the piano and successfully pass piano examinations.

LPI is simply the best destination to provide you with piano lessons to prepare you to meet the mark!

If you are based in London, the studio is in an ideal location. Just a short walk from Chancery Lane or Temple, it is within reach of central London and all its amenities. Located at 21 Fleet Street in the City, The London Piano Institute is the preeminent destination for graded piano examination preparation.

When you become a student, your lessons will be geared towards your goals and lifestyle.

Various packages are available, including 30, 60 and 90-minute lessons. Group sessions are also available and provide a rewarding opportunity to showcase your talents publicly. In a mature, non-judgmental setting, you will swiftly progress to become the pianist you’ve always dreamed of being.

Are you interested in taking graded piano lessons? Enquire today and find out how you can achieve and succeed.

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