Celine Gaurier-Joubert

The London Piano Institute’s founder Celine Gaurier-Joubert

I have created The London Piano Institute with one vision in mind: offering adult amateur pianists the privilege to benefit from an outstanding piano education, in a non-judgmental and sophisticated environment.

Throughout my life, I discovered that amateur pianists were often left in the dark and that it was extremely rare for them to find an establishment that would deeply care about their needs and wishes.

A conservatoire is reserved to professional pianists, and benefiting from a piano education offered by concert pianists, in a renowned school is rarely available to non-professional musicians.

Being a piano beginner as an adult could sometimes feel embarrassing. Adults are afraid to learn a new skill by fear of failure, and I think these feelings happen due to the lack of encouragement in today’s society.

I wanted this to change, and it is why I decided to open The London Piano Institute, which is a home away from home for all adults, from absolute beginners to advanced amateur pianists, who are passionate about piano playing.

I have created a unique platform where adult pianists can feel loved, accepted and appreciated for who they are.

Benefiting from an outstanding piano education is key, but I also wanted our students to be able to socialise and connect with like-minded piano lovers. The piano could be a lonely instrument, and I have too often heard people saying that they could not share their passion with friends and family.

At The London Piano Institute, we get together on a monthly basis, through the music events held on our premises, but we also meet for dinners in various venues in Central London.

We also host piano conferences around the world, on a yearly basis, and this is truly a major success!

Our students have now made friends with one another, and it is a great achievement to see people from different backgrounds socialise together around the love for music while making impressive progress in their piano playing.

If you are an adult piano lover, of any ability, I would strongly encourage you to leave your fears and embarrassment behind you. The London Piano Institute has been specially created for you, and you deserve to join our piano haven as soon as possible.

Do not miss out any longer!

Warm regards


The London Piano Institute specialises in teaching adults who:

  • Have never played the piano before
  • Feel they are not talented
  • Are nervous about learning the piano
  • Have reached a peak in their piano playing
  • Who feel that there are too old
  • Who believe they are tone deaf
  • Who are very advanced in their piano playing
  • Who are at an intermediate level and want to seriously improve
  • Who played the piano in their youth

We teach the following styles at the London Piano institute:

  • Classical piano
  • Romantic piano
  • Baroque piano
  • Modern piano
  • Jazz piano
  • Blues/rock piano
  • Popular piano

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