At The London Piano Institute, we welcome all intermediate jazz pianists to improve their knowledge and enhance their piano playing with fantastic jazz piano instructors.

As an intermediate jazz piano student, you will:

  • learn how to improvise fluently over the II V I progression both in the minor and the major keys.
  • get to know the tonal cycle, the I IV VII III VI II V I throughout all twelve keys.
  • get to know the importance of being able to be flexible like a Swiss army knife when it comes to harmonic and melodic competences across various jazz standards and structures
  • dwell deeper into the understanding of chord progressions and create a chord dictionary where you can always draw from.
  • learn how to play chords with both hands often in fourth voicing and also learn how to accompany yourself in a jazz-like manner on the left hand while taking the solo in the right.
  • learn the importance of structure and how not to lose your place in the score while improvising.
  • make your solos sing and how to play the melody in a way that was made to be played. You will also learn the lyrics of the melody so that you have a deeper understanding of the standard in question to be able to express what the composer truly meant.
  • learn the importance of hearing the melody in your head while you play a solo.

At this level, you will not seek perfection, but you will aim to improve your standard to move onto the advance level of playing. A lot of time will be spent around memorisation. In fact, any great jazz musicians have got a profound cognitive understanding and an extensive dictionary of chords, lines, licks and tricks that can be pulled out at will!

There will be frustrating periods at your intermediate stages. Still, as you go through learning the various chord types, scales, lines and licks, there will be moments where it feels like you walk through a desert. If you keep walking, you will get to the oasis and move on to the advance level of jazz playing.

At The London Piano Institute, we are proud to have the highest quality jazz piano instructors who know how to unlock the hidden secrets of the jazz puzzle to you in a way where it becomes second nature to you and a language rather than a learnt art.

At this level, as you continue, your knowledge will explode, and people will say: “Wow, we could never imagine that he or she could do that on the piano!”

It is at the intermediate level when eyes will be open, and you will start understanding the secrets of jazz piano.

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Courses start from only £185 per calendar month and we have two fabulous locations for you to select from. (Marylebone or the City of London)

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We will be delighted to help you reach your musical goals and help you become a brilliant jazz pianist!

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