Piano Course Gifts

Piano course gifts

A course of piano lessons makes one of the best gifts you could ever give. Presenting someone with the opportunity to learn a new skill or perhaps to build on talents they have already developed is a gift that will be welcomed and remembered for years to come.

The London Piano Institute offers a range of piano courses in central London for beginners through to advanced students. Customers who are given piano courses as gifts can choose a level appropriate for them, opting either for a course of solo lessons or for those who would prefer to learn with others, we offer group lessons. All students have a bespoke learning plan created by Master Piano Instructor, Celine Gaurier-Joubert and her team which is designed to develop and encourage students to reach their potential so you can be sure your gift of piano courses at The London Piano Institute is the best.

Learn from one of the UK’s most eminent piano instructors

Celine offers bespoke tuition based on over 20 years of experience teaching and performing with some of Europe’s finest pianists including Edson Elias, Francois Weigel and Pascal Devoyon.

Students are welcome to choose how to spend their piano course gifts, from classical piano instruction to jazz, blues, rock and pop tuition.

Classical piano course gifts

Students learn how to play their favourite pieces of classical music, how to listen to the music and to interpret it just as the composer intended.

Jazz piano course gifts

Students who wish to learn jazz piano will be learning with the experts. Their piano course gift will mean they will quickly be playing jazz harmonies and melodies and even improvising.

Blues piano course gifts

Our piano course gift vouchers can be used to purchase Blues lessons where students will learn how to master the blues scale, piano licks and how to slide up and down the piano.

Pop piano course gifts

The Institute offers pop piano instruction where students can choose from a huge repertoire of music.

Rock piano course gifts

Evolving from rock & roll, this fun genre allows students to experiment once the basics have been mastered and to interpret the music in their own style.

Redeem your gift voucher in two excellent locations – Mayfair or the City

The London Piano Institute offers piano courses near Park Lane, London and also has a prestigious studio in the city. Both locations have been designed specifically to enhance students’ ability to learn. Ornate fireplaces, exquisite art and breath-taking views across London create a magical space in which students can hone their skills.

Piano recitals

All students, no matter what level are invited to join in with regular musical recitals held at the Park Lane studio. The evenings are a perfect opportunity for students to socialise and practice their performance skills.

The London Piano Institute is regarded as the best piano instruction in London so when you give our piano courses as a gift you know you are not just giving an hour of piano tuition but instead an experience and an opportunity to learn with some of the UK’s most sought-after instructors. You are setting your friend on a journey to discover the sheer pleasure of mastering the art of the piano – a wonderful gift to treasure.