Piano Courses for Adults London

Are you looking for extraordinary piano courses in London specifically geared towards adults?

Are you tired of teachers who cannot commit to regular lessons each and every week? Are you frustrated with your current level of piano playing?

Do you want to take your piano playing to a whole new level?

There Is Simply No Better option for learning the piano as an adult. The London Piano Institute specialises in adult education.


Make sure your piano development gets the quality it deserves. At the London Piano Institute, you can join a piano course specifically created for your learning.

10 Reasons to Choose the London Piano Institute

1. Have 100% assurance of learning the correct piano technique from day one

The statistics are shocking but seriously true: 90% of all new students starting the piano will give up learning the piano after only four months. The primary reason for this is that the level of instruction received was simply not adequate enough. Teaching the piano is not only a matter of conveying information, it is far more than that.

It includes personal motivation, goal setting, keeping your head above the water and having the ability to persevere when the going gets tough. Only an excellent piano instructor is able to guide and motivate you through each and every circumstance. At the London Piano Institute, we provide you with the singularly best dedicated piano instruction in the UK, specifically designed for adults.

Learning the correct technique from day one is absolutely imperative.

Studying with the wrong teacher will inevitably lead to the re-learning of some or (in the worst case scenario) all of your piano technique. 90% of all new learners gave up playing for precisely the reason mentioned above.

2. Receive personal guidance & motivation from your own highly experienced and qualified piano instructor

The most significant factor in your piano learning is motivation. The formula 80% psychology and 20% skill still holds true today. Your mindset and motivation are unquestionably key to learning how to play the piano successfully for the long term.

Regardless of whether you want to play classical, pop or jazz, learning the piano can be a daunting task. It’s almost certain that you won’t enjoy lasting success without proper motivation from the perfect piano teacher.

Our piano instructors have an impressive track record when it comes to teaching you the piano. We guarantee you will be in capable hands and receive weekly motivation!

3. Learn how to play the piano in a music centre dedicated to YOU as an adult!

We’re incredibly passionate about what we do! Our mission is to teach the love of music and help you develop a passion for playing the piano.

With us, you will learn how to play the piano in an atmosphere perfectly designed for you! At the London Piano Institute, you won’t find any children, no it’s all dedicated to you to help you learn the piano more effectively.

4. Feel confident about learning the piano even if you have NEVER played before!!!

We know that your greatest frustration as a beginner is finding a suitable learning centre where you can genuinely feel at home and welcomed even though you have never played the piano before.

The VAST MAJORITY of schools and teachers prefer teaching if you already play the piano for at least three years. They find teach you incredibly frustrating if you are a beginner due to the extra care involved in helping you learn the foundations of the piano.

At this level, of playing you will need ADDITIONAL MOTIVATION and SUPPORT and most teachers are either unaware of that fact, or they just do not want to make the effort.

At the London Piano Institute, we are committed to devoting whatever assistance is needed to help you understand the piano properly. On top of that we always strive to make learning fun regardless of your current level.

5. Increase your popularity and meet new friends at our non-judgemental student concerts and musical evenings

Increase your popularity and meet new friends at our regular musical evenings specifically designed for your enjoyment. Participate in non-judgemental performances, where you can have the opportunity to express yourself and play your favourite piano composition in front of your colleagues.

You can also choose to be a listener and enjoy the evening while you listen to your friends perform.

(Don’t worry we will never make you play in front of others if it’s not your cup of tea!)

Taking part in our friendly performances will most certainly have it’s perks – you will increase your popularity and be the talk of the town once your friends find out!

6. Have access to your own personal ‘PIANO CONCIERGE’ who will follow your progress on a week-by-week basis

Get a bespoke learning plan tailored to your musical goals and wishes and enjoy the privilege of having your own personal ’piano concierge’ following your progress on a week-by-week basis.

With the London Piano Institute, there is no need to worry about becoming a better piano player, it’s all taken care of with an action plan developed for you!

In essence, we remove the word ‘stress’ from your piano lessons.

7. Discover your own hidden talents while you ELIMINATE negative ‘piano myths’

Discover your own hidden talents and be pleasantly surprised at just how talented you assuredly are!

We will help you eliminate popular piano myths such as ‘you are too old to play’ or ‘you are simply not talented enough’. In fact, we can’t stand ignorant clichés.

After only a couple of lessons, you will be pleasantly surprised at your phenomenal potential, talents and capabilities. Even the most difficult cases (where students believed they had no talent) were proven wrong time and again with our method of teaching the piano.

8. Enjoy a PRIORITY invitation to our annual summer piano workshop in Italy at the beautiful Lake Como

Enjoy a priority invitation with discounts to our annual summer seminar in Italy at the beautiful Lake Como. The workshop consists out of three to four days of mini-workshops in small group format. It is the ultimate piano learning experience hosted in one of the most beautiful locations on earth.

You will meet new friends and develop powerful visions for your entire life at the shores of Lake Como!

9. Get a lasting ability bringing you a lifetime of SATISFACTION and increased intelligence

There are few things as valuable as a creative talent that you can enjoy again and again throughout your life. By learning the piano, you will have a creative ability that will bring you pleasure for a lifetime. There are always new plateaus to climb and new repertoire to explore.

By studying with the London Piano Institute, you are making an investment into your creative future. You are gaining a skill that no one can take away from you.

According to The Telegraph’s Science Correspondent Richard Alleyne (27 October 2009) playing the piano can also increase your IQ by seven points even as an adult. (this was measured in both adults and children)

Learning music develops your aural perception and will also help you when you learn a new language. According to the article the architecture of the brain changes making the individual brighter with more self-disciplined, attentiveness and planning skills.

You can ONLY BENEFIT from learning the piano!

10. Choose from a VARIETY of piano programs suited to your style of learning!

We know how important it is for you to choose a package suited to your own preference andstyle.




Master Pianist Celine

Our head piano teacher Celine Gaurier-Joubert is a concert pianist and master adult piano pedagogue who will teach you how to play the piano in the fastest and most effective method possible. You will be hard-pressed to find a similar quality piano teacher in Europe. She loves teaching all levels of playing and has a deep passion for teaching adults!

Classes take place at our private piano studio in EC2 near Liverpool and Old Street stations. All levels (beginners to advanced) are accepted and welcomed into our private piano programs.

Piano Programs