Learn the Language of Music in the Heart of London – near Soho W1

Music is a language that truly transcends and when you learn to play piano you learn one of its most widely spoken dialects.

At the London Piano Institute, a mere stone’s throw from Soho W1, begin your journey in acquiring fluency in the language that transcends all boundaries.

From the first faltering words of music fundamentals to the exquisite poetry of more complex compositions, let our master piano instructors guide you with an expert hand on your voyage to musical fluency.

Location, Location, Location

As every Londoner knows, it’s all about location and being located in Marylebone, near Oxford Street the London Piano Institute is the perfect place to perfect your piano chops.

Alternatively, you can also study with the London Piano Institute in the heart of the City at 21 Fleet Street, EC4Y 1AA.

A quick 5-minute cab ride from Soho, our salubrious surroundings create a sublime environment for decompressing from the fast pace of city life.

Tuition Tailored to your Needs

Our experienced piano tutors will design a bespoke course to meet all your learning needs.

From beginner to expert, and all points in between, each student will benefit from a program tailored specifically for them; previous musical experience, musical taste and individual ambitions are all taken into account to ensure each student gains the most benefit from each lesson with us.

Our institute, not far from Soho W1, opens Monday to Saturday and lessons can be scheduled in flexible blocks of 30, 60, or 90-minute sessions.

Piano lessons can be taken individually or, if you desire a more social experience, group lessons can be offered by arrangement.

Select a Style that Speaks to You

Like fingerprints, we all have different voices. Our voices are a big part of what makes each of us unique.

Learning piano is about finding and expressing that uniqueness. At the London Piano Institute, we encourage students to find that unique voice that lies within by studying a style that speaks to them.

We offer training in a wide variety of musical styles according to the preferences of each student.

Classical Piano Lessons: Back to the Source

Without music, life would be a mistake.

Friedrich Nietzsche

Go on a journey of discovery as you explore the wide range of styles within the European traditions of classical music. Discover a deep and storied tradition that enriches all of our lives as you explore the rich history of music as high art; a rich history that has informed so much of our modern culture.

Undertaking a study of classical music also gives a solid grounding in the foundations of western music theory. This will provide students with an understanding of fundamental musical principles that are transferable to so many of the more modern styles of music in existence today.

Enjoy Jazz Piano Lessons near Soho W1!

“Hot can be cool & cool can be hot & each can be both. But hot or cool man, jazz is jazz.”

Louis Armstrong

Loosen that tie and dive into the world of jazz. Our fantastic piano instructors will break down this fascinating style of music.

By mastering the scales, harmonies, rhythms and melodies of jazz you will build your jazz vocabulary to the point where you will be able to let the music speak through you in the moment through improvisation.

Learn to Play the Blues – blues piano lessons near Soho W1

“The blues tells a story, every line of the blues has a meaning.”

John Lee Hooker

There are few styles as distinctive, or as fun to play, as this iconic style. Let our team take you on a tour of the blues’ greats – from Ray Charles to Fats Domino and Jerry Lee Lewis.

Perfect the pentatonic and master the left-hand bass riffs that give the Blues so much of its flavour. In no time you will be telling your own story through the magic of the blues.

Pop Piano Lessons

“The thing that I love about pop music is the simplicity and the directness of it.”

Tove Lo

Become the life and soul of the party by learning to play the most popular songs of today and yesteryear.

Learning to play pop music on the piano can be a great way to begin your musical journey. For the more experienced pianist, exploring a new genre can serve as a means to rekindle an enthusiasm for the instrument and to inject the fun back into your playing.

Music speaks

Share the Joy of Music

Just as with language, music is a means of expression; a means of communication. There is a relationship shared between the performer and the listener.

At the London Piano Institute in W1, we regularly schedule Student Concerts and Musical Evenings that offer opportunities to bridge that gap between practice and performance.

These events offer an opportunity to bring the music back to its essence as a shared experience.

Recitals such as these are also an opportunity for students to build their confidence in performance in a familiar and supportive environment.

Start your Piano Lessons Today in West One!

Whether you want to start from scratch, are returning to the piano after a long hiatus, or you wish to take your playing to the next level, the London Piano Institute, located near Soho W1, can help you on your way..

For more information about our availability and bespoke world class instruction, contact our manager Stefan Joubert at: enrol@londonpianoinstitute.co.uk

We look forward to welcoming you to the London Piano Institute.

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