Think about the piano and popular music is perhaps not the first thing that comes to mind. You’re more likely to recall some of the classical pieces from Beethoven, Bach or Schubert.

But the fact is, many pop hits include the piano to great effect. And by studying popular music, you can breathe new life into your repertoire.

Not only are piano pop songs highly enjoyable to play, they can help you understand the fundamental basics of piano playing. And thanks to a vast catalogue of songs from today and yesteryear, you’re unlikely to run out of options to play.

Excellent piano instructors who can teach a variety of styles

Some piano tutors stick to one music style, but you won’t find that at The London Piano Institute. Catering for all musical styles, the centre is at the forefront of piano teaching. Featuring internationally-recognised tutors with years of teaching and performance experience, there really is no better place to learn.

The Institute has a location in both the City of London and Marylebone and provides the highest quality tuition and guidance.

With lessons for beginner, intermediate and advanced level, the centre will teach you the correct techniques, increase your confidence, and even give you the opportunity to play with others, allowing you to showcase your talents in public. It is a fun and friendly way to propel your piano playing to new heights.

Learn to play the piano with the correct technique

Most importantly, you’ll learn how to play the piano the correct way. If you’re a beginner, there really is no substitute for accurate technique. Likewise, if you have some experience but developed bad habits over time, this can restrict your performance and ability to progress. That’s why a solid foundation to build upon is crucial.

It is true that too many piano tutors fail to teach the basic fundamentals. As a result, you may find yourself struggling to progress at a satisfactory rate. If like many people you’ve tried the piano, but gave up due to a lack of progress, the fault is unlikely to lie with yourself. Your frustration was far more likely due to inadequate teaching. No matter your age or ability, anyone can learn the piano with supportive tutoring and a will to succeed.

This is why the easy-going, non-judgemental environment at The London Piano Institute will increase your ability at a rate that will even surprise yourself. With a variety of programmes to suit your lifestyle, there’s never been a better time to invest in first-rate, quality piano tuition.

Choose between one-to-one or group piano lessons

The centre provides both solo and group sessions, depending on your preference. And the tuition doesn’t just cover pop either. Here, you’ll find tutors who specialise in jazz, rock, blues, and classical music. In fact, whatever your preferred music style, you’ll be able to take away valuable advice and techniques to assist your learning.

The vast amount of experience on hand, coupled with the ability of tutors to adapt to a wide range of music styles, will ensure you gain knowledge that is second to none.

Group sessions are also available and highly popular. If you enjoy meeting new people and practicing together, these classes can greatly assist your musical development.

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