The classic piano course book 1 – starting to play by master piano educator Carol Barratt

Carol Barratt

Starting to Play (Classic Piano Course book 1) by Carol Barratt

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Simply the best book for adults to start learning the piano – Stefan Joubert (manager of The London Piano Institute)

Carol Barratt has created the best piano book for adult beginners. It is easy to use, not pretentious and perfect for the absolute beginner to get started. In fact, it is the book of choice for teaching absolute beginner adult piano students at The London Piano Institute.

Learn the following:

Take note: it is always best to learn with a teacher rather than self-study to learn the correct techniques and habits!

  • How to sit properly at the piano with good posture
  • How to name the notes and understanding the basics of timing
  • How to play with both hands at the same time
  • Play duets with your teacher!
  • Beautiful tunes suitable for adult learners (all the tunes in the book works well with adult learners)
  • Towards the end of the book, prepare to get ready to move towards grade 1 ABRSM or Trinity.

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