The Black & White Concert Evening


Once again we had the real pleasure of all meeting up and enjoying music and the piano together.

The London Piano Institute’s 2015 autumn concert ‘The Black & White Evening’ was a great success and we all had a magnificent evening.

Terry’s Performance

We started the evening with Terry performing ‘The Shepherd plays on his pipe’ by Vladimir Rebikov.

Is incredible to see that Terry is now overcoming his stage fright and finally performing with more ease!

It really delighted the audience and it was simply wonderful. He gave a marvellous performance of this piece!

Well done Terry – we are SUPER proud of you!

Alexander’s Performance

Alexander (although initially nervous) performed the ‘Cotton Reel’ by Nicky Iles with a lot of enthusiasm and musicality.

We could feel the history that the music portrayed in his playing.

It was very enjoyable.

Darren’s Performance

Darren then gave a heartrending performance of Chopin’s ‘Nocturne no. 20’. He absolutely stunned everyone as he has only been playing the piano for about 2 years.

It was an exquisite performance and Darren really made the whole room warm with stunning music!

A marvellous performance indeed. Well done Darren! (Particularly with your handling of the chromatic notes amongst other things…) – Splendid!

Diane’s Performance

Diane then performed an old favourite called ‘La valleé des cloches’ by Ravel.

She really succeeded in conveying the sound of bells throughout the piece.

It was a slow brooding piece with a very profound impression.

The emotions that Diane transmitted was simply incredible.

She really brought Ravel’s work to life and I’m sure we will all remember the beautiful texture of bells that she expressed throughout this work of art.

Thank you Diane!

Celia’s Performance

We then listen to Celia’s performance of Mozart’s ‘Sonata K457 in C minor’.

She truly managed to express the melody particularly well. One cannot help but to notice the ‘vocal-like’ quality in her piano performance. (Celia is also a passionate vocalist.)

It was really a courageous performance that brought lots of joy into the room.

During the second movement, Celia really took time between phrases, and this once again with the beautiful ‘vocal-like’ qualities that we enjoy during her playing created an extremely beautiful effect.

Celia tackled the third movement with lots of zeal and zest, and we all enjoyed her tremendous appreciation of this beautiful composition. A very spirited performance indeed.

Thank you Celia!

Daan’s Performance

Daan gave a roaring performance of Chopin’s ‘Prelude no. 17’.

It was a real pleasure to listen to his performance and he performed the piece with real devotion and intensity.

It was simply a pleasure to listen to his performance.

He filled the room with music and one could feel Chopin in the very atmosphere.

Excellent rendition Daan!

Claire and Holly’s Piano Duet

We then had the privilege of listening to a wonderful piano duet.

Claire and Holly performed a very emotive piano duet by Rachmaninov called ‘Les larmes’.

It was a real pleasure to hear two pianos played in harmony.

There is a mystery that is always indescribable in the elements of art and music.

It is as if music transcends normality and lifts us to a higher reality of existence beyond this world.

It transports us to a different dimension – where higher things exist!

That is exactly what we heard during this delightful performance of Claire and Holly.

Hearing two pianos play simultaneously was truly magnificent!

We simply had a moment of glory.

Yes, we were lifted out of this natural realm into a musical dream.

Music oh music makes all things bright…

It helps us raise our vision to a higher world.

A world of beauty and delight.

Thank you Claire and Holly for your exquisite performance!

Christian’s Performance

Christian filled the room with Bach’s always magnificent Toccata and Fugue in D minor.

He produced a strong and bold sound.

It was a real joy to listen to his performance.

His passion and enthusiasm and love for the piano really came through in this wonderful Toccata!

We also really enjoyed the way he played through the entire range of the piano.

He then amazingly preceded and performed Daft Punk as a medley after the Toccata.

He moved seamlessly between the two numbers.

Well done Christian – very creative!


So once again we had a wonderful concert and evening.

Everyone had a tremendous amount of fun and enjoyed it thoroughly.

The rest of the night we enjoyed good quality Champagne and Wine!

We spoke about the piano, the state of the economy, history, science and whatever else was on our minds.

Oh yes, even rugby… (Which, by the way, is not my cup of tea…)

Thank you all for participating and for making the concert so beautiful this year.

Thank you for coming to the ‘Black & White’ Autumn Concert 2015!

We look forward to seeing you at the next one!

Stefan Joubert – Manager of the London Piano Institute