Christmas Concert 2014

Peter performing Adelita by Tarrega at the London Piano Institute’s Christmas 2014 concert

December Concert 2014

This lovely Christmas evening started with Ana performing Arietta by Clementi from ABRSM’s grade 1 piano book.

She gave a marvellous rendition of Clementi and the audience gave a roaring applause!

Cristian then gave a very good performance of the Minuet in G by Mozart, Na Todce by Rybicki and Chattanooga Choo Choo by Harry Warren and Mack Gordon.

After this, Terry West performed Prelude in C minor by Bach and Andante by Haydn. Well done Terry!

As is customary, some of my own guitar students performed and this time, Abraham improvised wonderfully using the minor pentatonic scale over a beautiful chord progression!

We then even got a bit of the hugely-popular Taylor Swift this evening as Pop sang: You Belong To Me. (One of the songs that put Taylor Swift on the map!)

Anthony who has a wonderful voice then sang a number of classic songs: Empty Chairs & Empty Tables from Les Miserables, Misty by Errol Garner and finally his own original composition called Anthony’s song.

We were then surprised by an excellent rendition of Adelita by Tarrega performed by Peter!

Christophe performed Valse Lente by Vaughan Williams. (A great performance by one of England’s most celebrated composers!)

Upa then proceeded to play the immortal heart-rendering Chopin’s Nocturne No 21.

There was such a wonderful atmosphere on the night as everyone was in the Christmas mood and ready for a fantastic evening!

So then, Celia gave a very impressive performance of the 1st Movement of Sonata in C minor by Mozart. Perfect for the London Piano Institute’s Christmas concert!

Diane then played the 1st Arabesque by Debussy. She did exceptionally well and she touched the heartstrings of the audience!

We then listened to a beautiful version of Etude opus 10 No 12 by Chopin performed wonderfully by Claire.

And finally, the night ended (well before the party started) with Christian performing Close to Home by Keith Emerson.

It is always wonderful to end a successful year with a beautiful musical concert! The after-party was really stunning and we all had an amazing time!

Everyone enjoyed each other’s company and we had a great time!

The only sad thing is that we have to wait until 4 months before the next one!

Thank you so much for reading and we look forward to seeing you at next event!- Stefan Joubert