Christian playing the piano in the Autumn concert in 2014

Autumn Concert 2014

What a fantastic Autumn concert we have had this October!

The concert started off by Siobhan performing “Lullaby by Stanford”. Her performance was very accurate and exquisite.

Thereafter we’ve had the privilege of listening to Peter performing “Comptine d’un autre ete” By Yann Tiersen.

We must complement Peter on the incredible progress he has made to date. Despite being very busy professionally he continues to practice diligently on a daily basis.

Laurence then proceeded to perform his original composition called “I wish I could fly.” Once again, as we’ve said in previous concert write-ups, Laurence is simply a master songwriter.

David then performed the first movement of the Sonatina in C minor by Clementi.

Wonderful performance.

Diane’s performance of Nocturne opus 26 nr 17 By Skutte almost drove the audience to tears.

Very moving…

Finally, we had the pleasure of listening to Christian perform some contemporary music on the piano. His performance included “Riders On The Storm By” Morrison & Krieger and “Tarkus” By Emerson, Lake & Palmer.

We must commend Christian for the fact that he arranges the material himself.

Notwithstanding his incredible workload, Christian often practice four hours a day. He is living proof that adults can play the piano to an extremely high standard whilst maintaining a full-time profession!

This was really a wonderful concert, and everybody enjoyed their time during and after the concert.

As with all of our concerts, socialising went on for hours after the concert.

Yes, we’ve had a wonderful time!

We wish tremendous success to everyone performing at the next!