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Yuko playing the piano

Yuko playing the piano

As I have liked to play the piano since I was little, it was definitely important for me to find the ideal place where I can continue my piano practice. It was, then, so lucky that I have come across Celine Gaurier-Joubert online through her website.

From the very beginning, my teacher, Celine, has deeply understood my attitude and interest toward music. Every time she gives me clear advices so that I can naturally find out the problems to be improved about my playing, and also can consider how I should brush up on my technique by myself at home too, thinking about my goals.

Our discussion is not only about some practical methods but also goes further about various topics related to the piece I am working on, such as the background of the composer or the stories implied behind each melody, all of which open my eyes and encourage my imagination.

In addition, special master classes are often organised that also help my further understanding of the MUSIC itself. Whilst the once-a-week private lesson is quite effective in that I can simply focus on every single sound I make, in the flow of one-to-one conversation with Celine, the masterclasses provide students with wonderful opportunities to share a lot of information together, as well as chances to know about various pieces that one would have never known/played before.

The masterclasses also enable me to realise the importance of performing in front of other people: An atmosphere with an appropriate feeling of tension helps me to consider how I should sufficiently express and convey my sound to the audience.

I would sincerely recommend whoever loves music come and join us to enjoy amazing lessons with Celine

28 November 2017
Yuko Nagatani



“Imagine walking through the most beautiful garden…your immediate attention is drawn to all the colourful flowers in this garden. You may even recognise some of these flowers by name. You feel content…but not ecstatic.

And that’s because the flowers are just 20% of the true beauty of this garden – without a guidance, you would have missed all the fragrant herbs, the meaning of the old magnificent trees, the symbiotic fauna, the tiny but essential microscopic flora that creates the ecosystem for the garden to thrive.

To me, this garden is a metaphor of music, piano in this context to be precised.

Flowers represent things I knew and appreciated before joining Celine. But becoming aware about all other aspects could not have happened without my lessons with Celine!”




I greatly enjoy my lessons with Celine. She has a strong focus on technique and interpretation and I have really developed as a pianist over the time I have worked with her. Highly to be recommended.

Celia – Senior Lawyer City of London 

Christian playing the piano

Christian playing the piano

“Celine is a fantastic piano teacher. Her extensive musical knowledge and experience turn any lesson into a private Masterclass.

She has the ability to help you to transform your playing in term of sound and musicality, which can only be achieved through such quality lessons.

She supports you through the entire process of learning a piece until the moment you play it live.

Over the last 2 years, I have learned some big works of the piano repertoire! This is very demanding for the teacher. Well-done Celine!”




I started to learn piano when I was 11 but quickly gave up after a year.

In the past, I always thought playing the piano is all about learning and memorising notes.

The lack of appreciating music significantly reduced my interests in piano.

But everything changes when I met Celine, the best piano teacher I have ever met.

She is such a talented pianist who has given me so much useful tips on practising. The changes were a bit by bit.

After her guidance, the music has become completely different and turned alive!

I would say her lessons are very essential for both new piano learners and advanced players.

I am 24 now. I picked up piano this May and I feel my music understanding is improving a lot during the past 6/7 months.

The lessons are definitely worthwhile.




Taking piano lessons again as an adult with Celine, having stopped for about 25 years, has re-ignited my passion for learning and playing this wonderful instrument with fervour and enjoyment I had never felt before.

Celine is incredibly generous in sharing prized techniques to help facilitate learning pieces, improve techniques and to enhance the musicality of each piece to new levels: All skills that she had herself mastered as a professional pianist and been privy to learning in intensive highly specialised professional courses.

This generosity of spirit is intertwined with incredible patience and the ability to boost her students’ confidence with motivating and inspiring guidance – whilst all the while pushing us to learn, practice and be stretched to our full capacity. I go home after each lesson filled with positive energy after a warm and enjoyable class, and bursting with enthusiasm to overcome the challenges she has presented to me to practice over the course of the coming week in order to perfect my pieces, sight-reading and exercises.

She is truly talented as a teacher.

She has an art of relaying her own passion and enthusiasm in a friendly and approachable way – and as I note the results of my own improvement and speedy progress – I can see she has the skill to help each of us reach our dream goals of becoming wonderful and adept musicians.
Nour Wali



I studied piano for a couple of years as a child, and then again for three years when I was 30, but I had to stop because of work.

I started again fours years ago, at the age of 47, but I was not progressing much, despite the long hours spent studying.

After trying two teachers, I met Celine one and a half years ago when I was about to give up, thinking that maybe piano was not for me.

And I am so happy I met her!

She is the best piano teacher I have ever had.

She has thought me a method to approach a new piece in order to learn it perfectly. She helps me overcome all of the technical difficulties I encounter – every time I go to her with what seems like an insurmountable problem, she has the solution! And so I leave the lesson energised and ready to tackle the challenge.

Celine also focuses on musicality, sound and interpretation, something completely new to me, but so fundamentally necessary!

I can only wholeheartedly recommend Celine to all piano lovers.


London Piano Institute Review

“Celine is an inspirational and insightful teacher who makes learning the piano a pleasure. She has given me confidence to learn to play the music I enjoy the most.”Professor Frances Balkwill – Centre Lead, Centre for Cancer and Inflammation – Barts Cancer Institute – London


London Piano Institute Testimonial from Nigel

“I started lessons with the London Piano Institute in May this year. I had a lessons as a young child (I’m 53 now) but had no recollection of what I learnt, so despite been very keen to learn I was worried I would not be able to pick it up again. In reality it hasn’t been easy second time around. I have a good ear for music but I’m a bit ‘fingers and thumbs’, at times.Luckily Celine is very patient and understands how challenging it can be for a relative beginner. She goes at just the right pace for me and structures the lessons in a way that makes allows me to learn and have fun at the same time. I want to do the grades and Celine is supportive of this and enthuses and inspires me to practice hard in between lessons.In short Celine is an excellent teacher who I can strongly recommend.”Nigel – Camden – London


London Piano Institute

“Having reached Grade 6 level as a child and then stopped playing for a number of years, it was incredibly nerve wracking starting again. What impressed me the most about the London Piano Institute was that it is focused on adult learning and the lessons are tailored to your lifestyle and to the time that you can give to practicing each day.Celine is a brilliant teacher, sharing her experience as a concert pianist and providing fantastic practical tips to overcome difficult technical aspects of any piece. She also gives me confidence and praise on when I have improved and how we can make it better. I always come out of my lesson on a high and ready to tackle the challenges during the forthcoming week.The Institute also holds a concert every quarter which is a great way to meet other students and demonstrate your progress. In 5 months, I have now performed at two concerts, an amazing accomplishment something that I would never have believed possible.The whole experience is an inspiration and a joy, I feel very lucky to have found the institute at a time when I was ready to start playing again.”Diane Alagar – Business Director – Advertising


London Piano Institute Testimonial

“I highly recommend London Music Institute’s piano course. Celine is a patient and great teacher who helped me not only progress but exceed my own expectations over my 4 months course. Will definitely be signing up again in the near future to continue my education”Nadeem – Global Finance & Foreign Exchange – City of London


The London Piano Institute

“The London Piano Institute has enabled me to grow as a person and experience the true art form of music. Celine is one of my favourite teachers not only has Celine taught me to read and play the Piano but to freely develop with the music. I appreciate every moment I spend there and would not trade for anything else…I had wanted to learn how to play the piano for some time however commitments had always been an issue, although with the flexibly of lesson times with the London Piano Institute I was able to pursue my goal. I have come a long way and I have a greater understanding and hold a high value on music since learning how to play the piano. I would always highly recommend Celine as a teacher and music mentor.”Katie Evans


Review of London Piano Institute

“After years of plonking away on the piano on my own & never actually finishing an entire piece of music, I decided to seek some professional guidance. The help I am getting from Celine is proving to be just the guidance I needed. It seems like at every lesson I learn some new skill or technique that moves my playing forward. I leave every week with a desire to challenge myself more & an enthusiasm to keep playing. The hallmarks of a good teacher! “Stephen Vieira – Camden – Central London


London Piano Institute Review

“My experience with The London Music Institute has been a great one. Right from the beginning Celine took the time to understand where I was in my music skills and then designed a plan to help me improve. She has the ability to breakdown a piece that to me seems complicated and make it easy to understand. I have improved so much since starting lessons in January and would recommend The London Music Institute to anyone who is wanting to learn.”Natalie Codd – Bond Street – Mayfair W1


piano lesson testimonial

“Before I started taking classes I was struggling with a few concerns that are probably pretty common: Will I really enjoy it or will it be like the music classes I had as a child? Will I find the time to play after work? Can I really learn to play the piano despite having no musical talent to speak of? Will I have to play dull children’s songs for years?Today, I am so glad that I found Celine and that I made the initial step to take up classes. I am also proud of the progress we have achieved so far. Celine makes learning the piano a truly enjoyable experience – I am always looking forward to my next class. Also, I found playing the piano a great way to switch off after a busy day at work. The classes are the right mix of fun, inspiration, and pushing the student to overcome any temporary plateaus. The fear that I might have to stick to children’s songs also turned out to be wrong as we always find pieces to play that fit both my skill level and my personal taste. Hence, I can recommend to anyone to take up classes with Celine – you might be surprised how much you will enjoy it!”Peter Wansing


piano lesson testimonial

“At the age of 29, with no previous musical experience, I decided to learn to play the piano. I am finding this new experience thorougly enjoyable – largely a result of the weekly lessons I have with Celine, an exceptional and inspirational tutor.Celine has provided me with the motivatation to focus my attention on learning and in a short space of time I have learnt to read music and play some well-known songs.  Celine really cares that you are enjoying learning and she will build on your strengths (and confidence) whilst also polishing up your weaknesses.Celine is both patient and supportive yet will also push you to develop your ability and learn new techniques.   An excellent tutor who I cannot recommend highly enough!”Frances Later – UBS EC2M


piano testimonial

“When I decided to study piano at the London Piano Institute I had no idea what to expect. As a beginner I didn’t know if I would be able to play the piano. My attitude changed the very first day at the Institute. I had no idea that the lessons would be so challenging and enriching.The main reasons why I chose the London Institute were because is one of very few places in London with programs for adult beginners; the availability of evening lessons and convenient location.It is a very enjoyable, innovative and stimulating course. Celine’s expertise, articulate teaching style and passion for music make her lessons an absolute joy. She is a challenging tutor who combines both firmness and softness in her teaching style.The London Institute has offered me a great opportunity to keep me motivated about playing the piano and I would have no hesitation in recommending Celine to anyone.”