June 23, 2022

About the Author: Ljubica Stojanović

Ljubica is a 1st prize-winner of over 20 national and international competitions. She is a concert pianist and piano teacher at The London Piano Institute

Part 2

In part 1 we covered the essence of what listening to classical music live could mean to us- physically, emotionally, chemically etc. Here are some more reasons why it is a wonderful experience to visit live performances.

man playing the grand piano

6. It Sustains Culture

Even though classical concerts might not be everyone’s favourite night out – it is certainly important to send the message that we need culture. And the best way to do so is to, of course, attend performances and show our support. Culture is holding our society together and by actively taking part in live performances (as audience) we perpetuate the presence and need for it. This applies to any performing art. The link between supply and demand has never been more obvious as from 2020 onwards – with ever changing social landscape, shaped by current political and other events on earth. If we do consider music essential, we could take an active role, and lead others towards taking a part in this – mutually satisfying experience.

white grand piano on stage

7. A Quality Opportunity for Socialising

It is a great idea for a night out and many concert organisers plan the season so it considers the needs of a listener. Many organisations currently work on an algorithm that analysis data gathered around ticket buying. Factors analysed are, for instance: location of the concert venue, bars and restaurants in the area, distance to the closest station, age and sex of the performers, just to name a few. It shows that listeners like to go out, connect their experience to meeting friends, using the opportunity to gather for a meal and drink and some form of an art experience.
It is a great idea for a group planning as it centres the activity around a specific event.

concert pianist practising

8.Following The Development of Music Genres

For those more interested into the actual depth of music making and understanding of it – I firmly believe that the next decade will blow up in terms of genre combinations, blurring the lines between styles, and bolder choices in individualism in classical music. Art and music were generally always reflecting on / portraying social and personal development. Being present and witnessing how these changes are happening on stage is a beautiful experience that can tell us a lot about ourselves and general directions where we are heading as a society and/or individuals.

hands playing the piano

9. Deeper Understanding of Art in General

Many forms of expression have found their place in art. So to say – eventually, all expressive devices could lead to the same point in us, it is only the tools that are different. I firmly believe that absolutely everything is connected and it doesn’t take an art connoisseur to start noticing the patterns, devices, tendencies between the art forms, that are so solidly connected. There is extensive literature on this topic and it’s just a proof of how different directions stemmed out of the same idea just into to a different form. So much of what happened in painting is reflected in music sound and form for instance.. it is a wonderful experience to look for what causes, consequences and responses happened in classical music.

female practising the piano

10. For Music Students!

It is essential for our progress as musicians and performers to practically be present and watch incredible artists perform. All the lessons we take across years (decades!) fall into place (or fall through) when we perform. It is a separate skill to playing and practising at home, inseparable from overall music experience. What I love about music is how it is a never ending process that keeps on giving.

I hope that this will stimulate you to book a ticket for a concert or two and discover something new. I myself, never attended two of the same experiences and always learned/felt/thought of something new.

Enjoy in music!

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