There are several fundamental benefits to why you should consider group piano lessons, though it primarily comes down to the stimulation and interaction that is generated in such group environments. Studies have shown that students in group learning environments tend to thrive faster than those working alone. Generally speaking, this can allow for a higher level of critical thinking and problem solving, while helping build performance skills and confidence. This article observes 10 reasons why you should consider group piano lessons.

Reason #1 – In a group piano class, you will learn new perspectives

Throughout your experience as a piano student, you’ll slowly and gradually develop your own approaches to playing the piano. This will be supervised by a piano teacher that is there to guide you through his/her own knowledge and experience. While this may, at times, work well, there are other ways to thrive faster and more effectively. Group piano lessons can help you learn through the perspectives and approaches of other students. In a group environment one has access to the learning successes and mistakes of other students. As such, you can improve your own regiment through the learning experiences of others while evaluating learning approaches in a variety of ways.

Reason #2 – You will develop consistency in your piano playing!

As with most things, an essential aspect of becoming a more proficient pianist involves frequent practice. We all have different schedules and different priorities, and it may sometimes be difficult to develop self-discipline to practice consistently. Taking group piano lessons tends to motivate students to prioritize attending classes and practicing (as most will not want to lag behind their peers).

Reason #3 – Bypass the monotony of practicing alone!

Practicing piano by yourself is a necessary process in every pianist’s journey. This, however, can at times become a monotonous activity with little stimulation. Group piano lessons can help bypass the monotony of practicing alone, and can also be highly motivational. Because of the social aspect of group piano lessons, you always have access to other players around to discuss issues whenever you’re struggling with something.

Reasons #4 – Find peers in your piano group class to emulate

One of the biggest advantages of taking group piano lessons is that you are able to study with other students who may inspire you to become a more proficient player. This can happen from a variety of factors: you may be inspired by another student’s approach to learning, technique, phrasing, or combination thereof. Being inspired by another player is a good thing, but learning together with that player is even better. Being around that player in a group piano lesson environment will allow you to mimic and emulate strong players around you, and this will make you a better musician.

Reason #5 – Improve your speed and quality of learning through the group class experience

Group piano lessons not only allow you to give and receive feedback on your playing, it also allows you to hear feedback on the playing of your peers. Through this dialogue, one can challenge assumptions, share diverse experiences, debate learning practices, and pool together knowledge and skills. On the other hand, if you practice piano by yourself you will always approach piano playing from the same perspective. Although this may at times be fine, having access to new perspectives can help you learn things quicker and more effectively. This will lead you to think in more depth about your own position within the group. As a result, you’ll develop critical thinking skills while developing your performance practice.

Reason #6 – Group piano lessons is an encouraging and challenging environment

In a group piano lesson environment, students will often encourage each other, and will also challenge each other as well. Encouragement usually happens when lower level students witness the accomplishments of higher-level students. Students will also share personal opinions and goals. They will talk about their own experiences, successes, and struggles in the learning process. This is a great way to learn tips and tricks. Students tend to get caught up in the collective learning pace of the group, and get inspired to work at the pace others are working.

Reason #7 – Accountability

If you know others are relying on you, then you will do what you have to do to get the job done. As such, it becomes difficult to procrastinate in the group piano lesson environment. When taking piano lessons alone, students may often lack the initiative or motivation to practice. When in a group piano environment, other students will often hold you accountable if you fail to attend class or practice. This often helps motivate students who may need the extra push.

Reason #8 – You will learn more about yourself and your ‘hidden’ piano talents and abilities!

Learning in a group piano environment will allow you to identify your own strengths and weaknesses. Sharing experience and knowledge in a group setting will not only help you develop your own piano skills, it will help you better understand what, how, and why certain practices make you a better pianist. This enhanced self-awareness will sharpen your overall approach to learning and performing on the piano.

Reason #9 – Learning to play the piano in a group builds confidence

Learning and playing the piano in a group setting will allow you to practice and perform in front of other people. We tend to use music as a form of expression and communication. As such, becoming comfortable with playing in front of others is an essential aspect of learning to play any instrument. Although this is usually harder for music students that practice alone, in a group setting this becomes an organic process.

Reason #10 – Group piano lessons are cheaper than individual lessons without losing quality!

A practical thing about group piano lessons is that they are cheaper than individual lessons. Group piano lessons give you access to a piano teacher as well as feedback and knowledge from other students in the room without having to make a big financial commitment.

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