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Arwen is a keen piano enthusiast and loves the instrument. She is also a student of marketing and loves creative work!

Piano Styles: Journey Through Diverse Musical Landscapes!


Our everyday lives are filled with music. Whether it is at home during one of your jam sessions, through the radio in the car on your way to the store or even just in public spaces such as restaurants and so much more! There are over 1300 music styles and genres in the world. As time moves on and technology advances, it is clear that the listener's taste in music and preferences change too. Technology has a massive impact on what we listen to. Luckily we do not have to call the tune about which genre to listen to. This article [...]

Piano Styles: Journey Through Diverse Musical Landscapes!2024-04-08T20:07:11+01:00

Piano Performance: Overcome Your Stage Fright


Stage fright should not hinder one from performing in front of an audience. Yet it is very much a reality. Did you know there are ways to help overcome it? Brief Background on Public Piano Performances and How Technology Changed them The first ever public piano concert in history was performed by Johann Christian Bach in 1768, London. J.C Bach is the youngest son of the well known J.S. Bach. This public performance was the start of many of its kind. J.C. Bach, like his father, was a very gifted musician and composed many works during his life. The Opera became [...]

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The Surprising Pros and Cons of Playing Piano: Why It’s Still Worth Pursuing


In a world full of screens and gadgets, the classic piano shines bright as a symbol of creativity and hard work. This beautiful instrument, with its keys of black and white, takes both players and listeners on a magical ride filled with deep feelings and smart discoveries. But, learning to play the piano isn't always easy. This article explores the many good things and a few tough spots about diving into piano playing, showing why, even with its ups and downs, it's still a journey worth taking. The Benefits of Playing Piano 1. Enhanced Cognitive Abilities Studies have repeatedly confirmed that [...]

The Surprising Pros and Cons of Playing Piano: Why It’s Still Worth Pursuing2024-03-07T15:11:16+00:00

How Does a Piano Work?


When you tend to look at the how and why of things, you grow a deeper understanding and grow in knowledge. Nevertheless, whether you approach life with a deeper or shallow outlook, have you ever wondered how a piano works? The Piano is considered one of the most intricate instruments in existence due to its many complex components, parts and pieces that make up the instrument. It is also one of the easiest instruments to start learning, due to getting a direct sound response when applying pressure to any of the keys- regardless of skill. Most other instruments require specific methods [...]

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