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Reuben is a freelance jazz multi-instrumentalist. Having initially trained in classical piano and cello, he moved to London 10 years ago to study jazz, and now performs regularly around the country in a host of bands, including funk band John Motors.

How Long Does It Take To Learn Jazz Piano?


Jazz piano is a captivating area of the musical art form, known for its versatility, as well as its affinity with deep improvisation, intricate harmonies, and rhythmic complexity. Learning jazz piano is not merely a task of mastering notes and chords but rather an immersive journey of understanding the language, history, and culture of jazz music. The question of how long it takes to learn jazz piano is multifaceted, influenced by various factors such as individual aptitude, practise regimen, and exposure to the genre. This article explores the intricate path of learning jazz piano, emphasising the dedication and perseverance required [...]

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Five Cool II-V-I Jazz Piano Licks That You Should Know!


For most non-jazz musicians and beginners, the assumption is that jazz improvisation is conjured out of thin air, and that improvised phrases are a stream of consciousness. The truth is that jazz musicians are discerning magpies, who always have an ear open to catch a phrase played by another musician, with the intention of using it in their own improvisations. Learning to play jazz is, to me, exactly like learning to speak a foreign language fluently. When learning to speak a language we are usually given stock phrases to use that can be altered to suit different situations. In the exact [...]

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