How do I Approach a New Piano Piece for the First Time?


Most students, when receiving a new piece to learn, will immediately try to play it from the first notes of the written music, being eager to hear and play the melody. However, there are a few factors to take into account before even reading the very first note. Important factors like the key it's written in and the time—whether a waltz time or maybe 6/8 or the normal four beats in a bar.So, What is the Best Approach to Your New Piece?The most important aspects before playing a single note will be the key signature and time signature, but factors like [...]

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Can I learn piano quickly?


In this day and age, people are often looking for a shortcut to achieve something. Whether to lose weight, get in shape, or sleep better, the modern-day "hack" of finding an easier way is very fashionable. In wellness circles, this term is called "Biohacking". It means using technology and the latest research to make you look, feel and perform better than the average person.So how does this relate to the piano? And is it possible to achieve meaningful skills by finding a shortcut? First- we better define what we mean when we say being able to play. Stefan Joubert explains being [...]

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How to choose a suitable piano for you


An article on how to select a suitable piano! Selecting the right piano for you is absolutely vital. In this article, you will discover a few tips to help you find a piano that will bring you years of musical pleasure! Set a realistic budget Pianos can be costly especially grand pianos. Therefore it is vital to set a realistic budget. If you plan to purchase a digital piano a budget between £280 and £700 should do. For upright pianos, we recommend a budget of between £1800 and £5000. For grand pianos, a starting budget could be around £3000 for a [...]

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How to choose the perfect piano teacher for you


When you’re taking the leap into any new hobby, finding the right teacher is really important to help you find the motivation and enthusiasm to keep going. Here is our guide to finding the perfect piano teacher for you! Know what you want Before you start your search, sit down and think about what you’re aiming to get out of your lessons. Here are a few key questions to consider: What are you hoping to accomplish? What style of music would you like to learn? Are you looking for group lessons or one-on-one tuition? What is your budget? How far are [...]

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