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Young jazz pianist

Jazz piano is known to be a complex art.

It requires tremendous knowledge and expertise for any student to make sense of the language of jazz especially in a modern world filled with popular music.

Jazz is a language that requires one to memorise many configurations of chord and line (scale) superimpositions in an organised and methodical format.

Our jazz piano instructor Stefan Joubert is a master at organising the complex info that jazz demands in an easy-to-understand manner for even the most novice student.

Make no mistake, it will take a lot of work and a very ardent student with pigheaded discipline and determination to learn jazz piano properly.

At the London Piano Institute, we offer weekly courses in jazz piano with our jazz piano instructor Stefan Joubert.

In addition to your weekly lessons, you will also have opportunities to perform (once you are ready) in our non-judgmental student concerts and events.

Jazz is a beautiful language, but it is complex.

In your lessons with Stefan Joubert you will learn the secrets of jazz piano as well as the history of some of the instrument’s best performers including: Keith Jarrett, Herbie Hancock, Bill Evens, Art Tatum, Chick Corea, Count Basie, Oscar Peterson!

Old BookThe jazz piano course syllabus is based upon years of teaching experience by master jazz musician Stefan Joubert.

It is not a set syllabus, but gets adapted based upon your personality, amount of time you have for private practice and your determination and dedication.

Please note that we do not require students to have any prior knowledge of jazz or music.

You are very welcome to start from scratch at ABSOLUTELY ANY age!

We truly believe that you are a talented and gifted individual and within you lies great musical talent if you follow a proper system and methodology with a great teacher!

Here is an idea of we look at in our jazz piano lessons together: (open to all levels)

  • What is jazz?
  • How swing music works
  • A basic history of jazz piano (* usually taught in the annual seminar – please ask)
  • The II V I progression
  • The chord progression: I – IV – VII – III – VI – II – V – I
  • The superman of the dominant chords: the tritone
  • How to form extended chords
  • Chord superimposition
  • Scale superimposition
  • The importance of the jazz major scale (Lydian Augmented) in jazz music
  • How to superimpose the jazz major
  • Jazz structure and keeping your cool when soloing or comping
  • Jazz improvisation
  • Jazz comping
  • How to make your own jazz chord melodies using your own chord encyclopedia!
  • Jazz standards such as “Misty”, “Moonlight in Vermont”, “A Night in Tunisia”.
  • Playing Bossa Nova
  • Playing latin piano
  • Jazz blues piano playing
  • Jazz rock and fusion piano lines
  • Performing in front of an audience
  • How to believe in yourself!

As you can see learning jazz is a HUGE amount of work.

That is EXACTLY why you need the best jazz piano lessons in London to help you become the jazz pianist you want to become in time!

Playing jazz piano fluently is absolutely awesome, but it requires dedication and commitment.

You can make it happen and achieve your dreams, but excellent quality education is key.

The syllabus above gives you a rough outline on some of the material that will be worked on in your jazz piano course with the London Piano Institute.

hands on the piano's keys Most of our students have been with us for many years and continue with their jazz piano studies on a weekly basis to make serious improvements in their piano playing!

We require a minimum commitment 3 months when joining. After this initial signup period, the courses run on a month-by-month basis with a one month notice period in case you want to stop your course.

The lessons are tailored towards your individual level and the amount of time you have available for private practice.

At the London Piano Institute it is of the utmost importance for us to lay a SOLID foundation when you learn the piano with us.

You will therefore be likely to spend the first few months learning essential skills of jazz piano playing such as triads and seventh chords through the cycle. (In addition to other important fundamental elements of jazz)

We firmly believe that any adult can learn how to play jazz piano as long as he or she seriously applies themselves to the material at hand and work in a methodical manner with our master jazz instructor Stefan Joubert.

Lessons take place weekly for 12 lessons per quarter.

We do not offer lessons per fortnight, but you are welcome to book more than one lesson per week.

Lessons take place at a set time as the schedule is too busy to permit flexibility.

When joining, we allow one lesson per quarter to be rescheduled as long as we have received 72 hours notice. (If you need more flexibility, we can offer online home-study lessons at an additional fee as a reschedule option)

Man playing jazz piano
At the London Piano Institute, we firmly believe that any adult can learn how to play jazz piano. (Given enough time, quality education and private practice)

We do not require any prior musical knowledge for you to start your jazz piano journey!

All levels are accepted from absolute beginners to advanced.

Your lessons will take place at a set time and day and a slot will be allocated for your piano study.

In terms of daily practice, we suggest a minimum practice time of 15 minutes.

(If you are really busy and cannot always do 15 minutes, any amount is suitable but we suggest at least 15 minutes daily)

In a nutshell, anyone is welcome to join and enjoy world class jazz piano instruction in Mayfair or the City!

Master jazz piano instructor Stefan JoubertYour jazz piano course will take place with master jazz piano instructor Stefan Joubert.

Stefan Joubert studied jazz piano at the jazz department of the Technikon in Pretoria (South Africa) and completed a full-time three year diploma in jazz studies.

Stefan Joubert also studied jazz guitar under master jazz musician Johnny Fourie who taught him rarely-seen-before jazz secrets and methodologies.

Stefan is a master at helping his students to make serious progress in a short period of time and he knows how to motivate his students to become the best that they can possibly be!

Other interests of Stefan include travelling, short-term trading, value investing, Alexander Technique and management.

To study jazz piano directly with master jazz musician Stefan Joubert, please contact him at enrol@londonpianoinstitute.co.uk