The London Piano Institute has been specifically designed with adult learners in mind.

If you are an adult, then there is simply no better place to learn than at the London Piano Institute.

The London Piano Institute specialises in helping you as an adult learn how to play the piano!

Adults from all over the UK come to the London piano Institute to learn how to play the piano with outstanding concert pianists and pedagogues.


London Piano Institute Review

“Celine is an inspirational and insightful teacher who makes learning the piano a pleasure. She has given me confidence to learn to play the music I enjoy the most.”Professor Frances Balkwill – Centre Lead, Centre for Cancer and Inflammation – Barts Cancer Institute – London


London Piano Institute Testimonial

“I highly recommend London Music Institute’s piano course. Celine is a patient and great teacher who helped me not only progress but exceed my own expectations over my 4 months course. Will definitely be signing up again in the near future to continue my education”Nadeem – Global Finance & Foreign Exchange – City of London


Review of London Piano Institute

“After years of plonking away on the piano on my own & never actually finishing an entire piece of music, I decided to seek some professional guidance. The help I am getting from Celine is proving to be just the guidance I needed. It seems like at every lesson I learn some new skill or technique that moves my playing forward. I leave every week with a desire to challenge myself more & an enthusiasm to keep playing. The hallmarks of a good teacher! “Stephen Vieira – Camden – Central London


London Piano Institute Review

“My experience with The London Music Institute has been a great one. Right from the beginning Celine took the time to understand where I was in my music skills and then designed a plan to help me improve. She has the ability to breakdown a piece that to me seems complicated and make it easy to understand. I have improved so much since starting lessons in January and would recommend The London Music Institute to anyone who is wanting to learn.”Natalie Codd – Bond Street – Mayfair W1


piano lesson testimonial

“Before I started taking classes I was struggling with a few concerns that are probably pretty common: Will I really enjoy it or will it be like the music classes I had as a child? Will I find the time to play after work? Can I really learn to play the piano despite having no musical talent to speak of? Will I have to play dull children’s songs for years?Today, I am so glad that I found Celine and that I made the initial step to take up classes. I am also proud of the progress we have achieved so far. Celine makes learning the piano a truly enjoyable experience – I am always looking forward to my next class. Also, I found playing the piano a great way to switch off after a busy day at work. The classes are the right mix of fun, inspiration, and pushing the student to overcome any temporary plateaus. The fear that I might have to stick to children’s songs also turned out to be wrong as we always find pieces to play that fit both my skill level and my personal taste. Hence, I can recommend to anyone to take up classes with Celine – you might be surprised how much you will enjoy it!”Peter Wansing


piano lesson testimonial

“At the age of 29, with no previous musical experience, I decided to learn to play the piano. I am finding this new experience thorougly enjoyable – largely a result of the weekly lessons I have with Celine, an exceptional and inspirational tutor.Celine has provided me with the motivatation to focus my attention on learning and in a short space of time I have learnt to read music and play some well-known songs.  Celine really cares that you are enjoying learning and she will build on your strengths (and confidence) whilst also polishing up your weaknesses.Celine is both patient and supportive yet will also push you to develop your ability and learn new techniques.   An excellent tutor who I cannot recommend highly enough!”Frances Later – UBS EC2M


piano testimonial

“When I decided to study piano at the London Piano Institute I had no idea what to expect. As a beginner I didn’t know if I would be able to play the piano. My attitude changed the very first day at the Institute. I had no idea that the lessons would be so challenging and enriching.The main reasons why I chose the London Piano Institute were because is one of very few places in London with programs for adult beginners; the availability of evening lessons and convenient location.It is a very enjoyable, innovative and stimulating course. Celine’s expertise, articulate teaching style and passion for music make her lessons an absolute joy. She is a challenging tutor who combines both firmness and softness in her teaching style.

The London Institute has offered me a great opportunity to keep me motivated about playing the piano and I would have no hesitation in recommending Celine to anyone.”
Sueli G.

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