Learning to play the piano as an adult beginner requires courage and a willingness to give learning the piano a go.

The facts are, you can learn to play the piano as an adult beginner and you have plenty of talent to do so!

From the very outset, the London Piano Institute has set out to provide the best beginner piano lessons London has ever seen!

We also know how to motivate you as an adult beginner taking your first step into the world of piano playing.

We have developed a proven methodology of teaching that is specifically designed for adults to learn the piano.


The first undeniable fact is that you have an incredibly powerful learning machine capable of the most amazing feats!

That machine is your brain!

According to bebrainfit.com’s human brain facts, your brain changes throughout your life due to a property called brain plasticity!

Your brain can then continue to form new brain cells via a process known as neurogenesis!

If studied a little deeper, you will also note that all that thoughtless talk about you being too old to learn or not talented is pure junk!

You are super-able to learn the piano as an absolute beginner. You have MORE than enough brain capacity and ability!

The idea that it is easier to learn how to play as a child, is usually an excuse to avoid the hard work that is required to learn the piano. (Always remember – a child has to do the lots of work too… It takes time, effort and can be downright arduous to learn from time to time… but it is MORE than possible!)

Learning the piano simply requires a willingness to learn combined with excellent piano education!

At the London Piano Institute we have time and again proven the false myths on adult piano education wrong.

The main cause of failure when it comes to learning the piano is not your talent or age.

It has to do with consistent persistence!

Basically your willingness to commit and practise regularly to improve! (In easy and difficult seasons of your development)


If you want to learn how to play the piano as an adult beginner properly, then you must develop a consistent persistent attitude.

Most online piano courses for beginners sell a quick-fix learn by ear approach.

We can tell from experience that you cannot learn to play properly (with most) of these online courses.

Of course, jazz and blues piano requires a trained ear, but so does classical to a large extent. (You use your ear in all aspects of music playing)

We not saying that all play-the-piano-by-ear courses are inadequate, but simply that you should be wary of a quick result with no effort methodology. (If it looks too good to be true, it probably is!)

In addition to the above, you also risk picking up bad habits and sloppy technique.

As an adult beginner, you should rather look for high-quality piano instruction that you can trust!

In addition to excellent piano education, you should be very persistent in your daily piano practice and follow a set of rituals that will guarantee your piano future success!

These rituals will include daily/regular practice, excellent weekly piano lessons and attendance of concerts/events/seminars and masterclasses to help you learn.


If you take up beginner piano lessons with us in Mayfair or the City of London, then you can be assured of receiving a rock-solid education.

We do not cut corners.

You will learn the correct methodology from day one.

A house build on sand blows over when the storm comes, but one builds on the rock out of solid materials will last!

We will help you build a rock-solid foundation.

We will help you learn how to sight-read properly.

We will help you succeed as an adult beginner looking to learn the piano in London.

A solid foundation will help you save time, effort and money in the long run! (You will not have to unlearn bad habits or wrong ideas at a later stage)

Make sure you study with an Institution that you can trust who can help you achieve your musical dreams!

You are worth it!


At The London Piano Institute, we have made joining a beginner piano course a piece of cake!

Simply email Stefan (our manager) at enrol@londonpianoinstitute.co.uk and he will send you all the relevant course options.

You can then simply select your course and time slot.

Once you have made your choice, your course will start the following week. (Sometimes the same week where possible!)

We are also affordable and offer many options:

One-to-one tuition with an assistant instructor in the City of London starts from only £165 per calendar month.

Group tuition in the City is only £185 per calendar month. (You will receive 4 x 60 minutes per calendar month)

Space is limited, so we advise contacting us quickly to select your preferred time slot.

In addition to your weekly piano lessons, you can also make use of our piano practice rooms to practice and develop your musical playing.

We genuinely aim to serve you with the highest quality adult piano education, and we will do our utmost to help you achieve your musical dreams!


The first secret to your piano playing success is that you CAN learn to the piano!

Thousands of adults who never played the piano in the past have successfully learned to play the piano at a high standard.

Age does not matter. You can certainly learn!

According to Clemency Burton-Hill from the BBC who herself started to play the piano lately as an adult (you can read her BBC article here) –  “grown-ups everywhere are learning the instrument to relieve stress, focus their minds – and for the sheer joy it brings”.

Knowing that you can learn the piano is in itself empowering!

By joining an excellent piano course for beginners in London (group or one-to-one) and dedicating yourself to some daily practice, the sky is the limit!

Take the first leap of faith and contact us now to book your piano course.

Our minimum commitment period is only for three months.

Do something just for you, break the monotony and learn how to play the piano.

For the best piano lessons London has to offer beginners, you do not need to look any further – you are in excellent hands!

Your time is now – join a course and change your life!

Get rid of work-related stress.

Raise your popularity!

Have some fun in your life – do something JUST for you!

Take the chance and give it a go.

For more course info please click here or contact Stefan (our manager) at enrol@londonpianoinstitute.co.uk

Alternatively, you can also call us on 020 7127 0717.

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